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Time to bring some sunshine vibes to the winter season! Paradise is giving away free beans through January and February.... All you have to do is choose your favorite variety!

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Lock the doors, close the windows and hide under your couch. An explosive collaboration between Paradise Seeds and Tommy Chong has arrived, in the form of a fast growing, high yield autoflower plant, the latest Californian line to be added to the Paradise finest seed collection.

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Un ceppo principalmente Haze mancava nella gamma di semi di Paradise Seeds fino al 2008, quando questo gap è stato chiuso con la nuova varietà Delahaze - in modo che il coltivatore Mr. Power Planter era particolarmente curioso di sapere il risultato del lavoro di genetica svolta dal breeder Luc.

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New Website Launched


26/09/2013 11:41

After months of hard work our new website is finally launched!

We are very pleased to announce you that our new and improved website is officially up and running!

Paradise Seeds has been offering the world the finest seed collection for almost 20 years now and we are always thinking of new ways to give our customers the best service possible.

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