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Is this the world’s biggest legal cannabis grow?

Is this the world’s biggest legal cannabis grow? - Paradise SeedsIn the northern hemisphere we’re choosing seeds for the planting season, but in the southern hemisphere it’s now the beginning of Autumn and that means harvest time!

Everyone hates the trim that comes after the crop! It takes time, it’s messy, it smells, bits of bud get into all sorts of places they shouldn’t… So spare a thought for the gardeners of the Daya Foundation who this month, have the task of harvesting and trimming 6,500 cannabis plants!

Paradise Seeds plants exceed yield expectationsIs this the world’s biggest legal cannabis grow? - Paradise Seeds

On the Daya plantation, 30 people will spend an entire month on this job… although they are not complaining. The plantation’s crop of Paradise Seeds plants is expected to yield 2000 kilos of prime bud which will be extracted and used to make medicine for hundreds of Chilean medical patients.

It is the second year that Paradise has supplied the seeds for Daya Foundation and the plantation has been growing 16 of our top strains since last October. While the expertise of the 13 full time Daya gardeners and the sunshine of the Chilean summer has ensured a spectacular grow, much has been said about the quality of the Paradise Seeds genetics which has contributed to the success of this crop.

Paradise Seeds Genetic Traits

Is this the world’s biggest legal cannabis grow? - Paradise SeedsHigh germination rate: This is a significant factor for the Daya Foundation which had very strict import license requirements from the Chilean Government. When the shipment arrived, customs officials counted out every single seed so Daya needed a high germination rate to maximize the potential of its seed import. With a germination rate of around 95%, Paradise Seeds provided exactly what they needed.

Strain Stability: Looking at the photos that come from the Daya it is impossible to ignore the uniformity of growth in this forest of cannabis plants. This is a sign of great genetics and a reason why Paradise has a good reputation amongst experienced growers. Stability provides consistency and reliability. No surprises (like getting one healthy plant and two spindly little specimens from the same pack of seeds), is great news for growers!

Resistance Qualities: If you have an outdoor grow you are working with Mother Nature, but there are times when she is working against you! Through the summer the outdoor gardener faces many challenges from pests and diseases. Paradise strains are grown all over the world and, regardless of where you live, there is a strain that is best suited to your garden.

Organic: From the early days, Paradise Seeds saw the importance of going organic and this has been a characteristic of the company’s breeding programs for many years. For Daya Foundation, which is growing medical grade marijuana, this is significant too.

Which cannabis plants are used in the Daya Foundation grow?

Alongside medical varieties, Daya also chose to plant some of our best known and award winning strains to get a range of THC and CBD percentages. This variation will allow lab scientists to research and develop medical quality cannabis products for patients suffering from a range of conditions, including cancer, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and epilepsy.

However, the Daya requirement was also for plants that provided great performance in an outdoor grow. Here’s a sample of the strains they chose:

  • Jacky White: An uplifting sativa with a high yield and quick finish.
  • Sensi Star: A heavy hitting indica (some say the strongest you’ll ever smoke…)
  • Delahaze: A big and powerful multi award winning haze.
  • Original White Widow: A 50/50 hybrid that comes direct from the original gene pool.

As the English say, the proof of the pudding is in the tasting! The Daya grow gives a grand scale illustration of the importance of genetics for a healthy crop. For all you outdoor gardeners, there is a Paradise seed that will work its magic for you – check out the strain descriptions for more information.

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