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Legal medical grow hits headlines worldwide

They are writing about South America’s biggest legal medical cannabis grow… fuelled by Paradise Seeds. It’s great to see the mainstream media taking an interest in the potential of medical cannabis.

Biggest medical cannabis grow

Ana Maria Gazmuri tells the Telegraaf, “This plantation is the biggest legal medical grow operation in South America. It is an investigation. The resulting product will be used as a phyto pharmacy source that will be implemented in 3 clinical studies in Chile… there are thousands of patients that are using this plant as a medicine in Chile and also thousands who are using it recreationally and spiritually. And this obviously has scope within the sphere of personal freedom, the right to people’s dignity and health – something the state shouldn’t interfere with.”


To discover more about the Daya Foundation story, watch Green Medicine: Chile’s Medical Cannabis Revolution, a documentary produced by Paradise Seeds.

Almost all the feminized cannabis seed varieties from the Paradise Seeds catalogue are being grown in this year’s Daya plantation (of 6,900 plants) including Wappa, Sensi Star, Delahaze, Jacky White, Ice Cream, and Original Cheese.

We are very much looking forward to the harvest, which is expected at the end of March. We wish the Daya medical cannabis grow a bumper crop of big, beautiful buds to bring relief to medical patients in Chile.

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