Green Christmas: Six Degrees of Separation

You've heard of the concept of six degrees of separation right? This is the theory that any two people can be linked in just six steps, proving what a small world we live in. So this month we are going to give this theory a twist and play our own little game of Green Christmas: Six Degrees of Separation!



1st Degree: Where it began - Baby Jesus

So Christmas has a biblical theme at its core, although baby Jesus sometimes gets forgotten about while everyone's busy over consuming food, drink and consumer goods. So where does cannabis fit into this Green Christmas connection? Well according to some people, the grown up Jesus used a herbal cannabis infusion in his anointing oil to heal the suffering of the masses. Referred to in the Aramaic language as kaneh-bosm, kan means hemp and bosm means aromatic...

2nd Degree: Green Christmas Santa Claus

While Jesus may have been the original inspiration for Christmas, the age of consumerism has given us another Christmas icon to worship, in the form of Santa Claus. The interesting thing about Santa is that his role in the Christmas story varies from country to country. For example did you know that in Holland, home of Paradise Seeds, Santa Claus is known as Sinterklaas and arrives on a paddleboat from Spain each November?

In the USA and the UK, he isn't seen until Christmas Eve (24th December) doing all his Christmas activity around the world during the course of one crazy night. Tradition in the UK dictates that children leave a shot of alcohol (against the cold) and a carrot for the reindeer. But think about it... how the hell is Santa supposed to safely drive a sleigh with all that booze swilling around inside his belly)? The rumors are unconfirmed, but surely there's a reason this guy is always laughing with a ho, ho, ho (perhaps because he's riding a Green Christmas hi, hi, hi?!). Let's not forget either that cannabis is well known for improving night vision, as seen in studies of Jamaican fishermen and Moroccan mountain dwellers. No Christmas reports of crashed sleighs suggest Mr Claus has exceptionally good night vision...

Third Degree: Coca Cola Green Christmas

It is well documented that the emergence of Santa Claus as a popular cultural icon coincided with successful marketing campaigns conducted by the drinks company Coca Cola in the 1930s. Coca Cola also began life as a product in the 1880s with its secret recipe that included a generous dose of cocaine in the mix. It was one of a number of 'patent medicines' produced in the nineteenth century (a patent medicine is a commercial product advertised as having health benefits). Another source material for patent medicines was cannabis and over 2000 cannabis infused products were advertised as tonics to improve health and wellness in the period leading up to the 1930s. It is worth noting that, in 2019, Coca Cola is keeping its mind open to producing cannabis infused (CBD) drinks, which could see a completion of this crazy Green Christmas circle!...

Fourth Degree: Queen Victoria's Green Christmas Edibles

A fan of cannabis based medicine was reportedly Queen Victoria who reigned in the UK (United Kingdom) from 1837 - 1901. She was prescribed a cannabis tincture to cure her menstrual cramps by her personal physician, who wrote in The Lancet (which continues to be a highly influential medical journal); "When pure and administered carefully, [cannabis] is one of the most valuable medicines we possess". Queen Victoria is also associated with the first Christmas tree appearing in the UK, thanks to her husband, Prince Albert, who imported this Christmas tradition to the royal court from his native Germany.

Fifth Degree: Green Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is a German tradition that dates back to the 17th century and the story goes that it was the religious reformer, Martin Luther, who first invented the concept, inspired by a winter's night walk through a pine forest. Looking up he saw the stars shining through the branches of the tree, like shiny jewels, and had the idea to set up a tree at home with candles on its branches (signifying the stars) to remind his children of the heavens that God had created.

Sixth Degree: Authentic Green Christmas

This time of year there are plenty of cannabis inspired Christmas tree stories including 'weed' Christmas trees sold by Walmart in the USA and stories from the UK of the cops busting people decorating their weed plants. 

As beautiful as a Christmas tree may be, it is no substitute for a plant that has the capability to grow like a tree and comes with its own decorations - in the form of beautiful buds, aglow with multicolored pistils that hang from branches like the brightest baubles and a frosted coating of shiny trichomes which sparkle on the plant just like that sky full of stars glimpsed by Martin Luther on that cold winter's night...

There you have it. Green Christmas: Six degrees of separation. Wishing you a very merry Green Christmas from Team Paradise HQ!