New Strain Alert! Space Cookies - Paradise Seeds It's been an enjoyable time at the Paradise Seeds office in the past few weeks. Why? Because we have been hard at work (yes really!), getting to know the delights of two new cannabis strains that are ready for release.

Say hello to Space Cookies and Californian Gold - our first new varieties for 2018 and two little beauties to join our extensive cannabis strain catalogue! Stay with us and we will explain a little about the process that takes place to arrive at a new strain. However, first of all, let's meet the new arrivals!

Space Cookies

New Strain Alert! Space Cookies - Paradise Seeds Space Cookies is a powerful but harmonious hybrid (60 sativa/40 indica) and is the Paradise Seeds version of the very popular GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies). Paradise has never been afraid to add its own twist to a classic, and Space Cookies is no different.

We have taken the great power and taste of the original and enhanced it with some highly satisfying traits. These include a more manageable plant to cultivate with great growth uniformity, and a wonderful accentuation of the terpenes.

The distinctive sweet and pine taste of Space Cookies will make your mouth water and as for the effect - Space Cookies will take you to the final frontier with a long lasting and out of this world pleasantness!

Californian Gold

New Strain Alert! Space Cookies - Paradise Seeds Californian Gold is a hybrid (80 indica / 20 sativa) that combines classic feel good cannabis genetics with a cranking turbo boost. Here is a new strain from Paradise that celebrates California's role in the cannabis legalization movement, which resulted in legalization for the USA's 'Golden State.'

The foundations of this strain are old school Californian classic genes, spiced up with some Dutch magic! Highlights of this new strain include a robust plant that produces big golden nuggets that are resinous to the point of being ridiculous!

A great taster - fruity mango sweetness - and a joy of an experience, Californian Gold comes with a relaxing, but uplifting and clear headed effect. A very impressive addition to the Paradise Seeds selection of cannabis seeds.

The Paradise Effect

Both these strains are the result of the ongoing Paradise Seeds R+D program to develop stable genetics across all our plant varieties. In order to achieve this, hundreds of plants are grown in our breeding rooms to choose only a handful of specimens to provide the Mother and Father plants that combine to produce a new variety.

To develop a new strain takes time, patience and of course an extensive knowledge of cannabis genetics. It is in this process that having more than 20 years in the business makes a significant difference to quality. It's something that experienced growers recognise in Paradise Seeds and that new growers appreciate (in the form of high performance uniform and stable plants).

So we look forward to releasing our new creations into the wild and sharing them with the world! We are very pleased with what we have achieved and we can't wait to find out what you, the growers, think of our new Space Cookies and Californian Gold varieties!