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Delahaze by Doc Mcdabbins
Strain: Delahaze
Uploader: Doc Mcdabbins
Days to Finish: 68
Growing Medium: Hydro
Location: Pueblo, Co
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Fertilizer Advanced Nutrients Sensi ph perfect lineup

Delahaze by Doc Mcdabbins

Photocontest Details

Nice ripe delahaze buds in scrog RDWD setup. Drenched in trichomes. This is a single plant that had 26 days Veg time under 600w MH then flowered under 1000w hps. Day 68 of flowering. Going 7 more days to finish out flush. Expecting to pull well over a pound of premium dry delahaze nugs from a single plant! This is a growers must. Well done paradise!

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