A Conversation With Tommy Chong - Paradise Seeds “Hello Paradise Seeds. This is a shout out to you guys. Thank you for making the best seeds in the world!” This is how cannabis legend, Tommy Chong, greets us as we catch up for a Skype chat for a catch up.

We have been working with Tommy since the beginning of the year, promoting a new range of strains that we have collaborated on. The Paradise Chong’s Choice selection comprises L.A. Amnesia (sativa), Blue Kush Berry (indica) and Mendocino Skunk (hybrid).

We’re curious to know which of the Paradise Seeds strains that Tommy has selected he prefers. “Well that depends on the occasion,” he chuckles. “Daytime, night time, every time? We have a strain for every occasion. That’s why I love working with you guys. It’s important to work with friends, that way you know the quality is always good….”

Chong’s Choice – Sativa, Indica or Hybrid?

Daytime Recommendation:
“That’s easy! If it’s daytime, then it’s sativa all the way so that would be LA… LA… LA… oh I forgot. Oh yes I remember! L.A. Amnesia (and I’m just playing around with you man because how can I forget a great name like that?!)” A real pro’s choice, this sativa is packed with terpenes with shades of citrus/earthy/hazey taste and packs a THC count of 20-24%.

Evening Recommendation:
“At night time it’s all about the indica, unless of course you’re an insomniac and you’ve been up all night anyway! Blue Kush Berry will put you into paradise! Paradise Seeds is what you need!” A tasty night time treat, the Blue Kush Berry bursts with fruity flavour and delivers couch locking delight – perfect for watching a re-run of Up in Smoke for some old school stoner comedy!

A Conversation With Tommy Chong - Paradise Seeds All Day Recommendation:
“Oh yes. Last but not least we have the Mendocino Skunk, a beautiful hybrid. It’s so good man, smells stinky like a skunk. Mmmmmm….” With a fruity taste and clear, uplifting high this is the perfect all day weed for Tommy’s vape, bong or joint.

You heard the man. He only works with friends who produce quality that he trusts. Great advice from a true cannabis legend!

Comedy, Movies and Weed Life

The granddaddy of stoner comedy will be 80 next year but he admits that he still has the mentality of a teenager. He puts this down to the influence of his favourite plant. “Weed makes you open to new experiences and it keeps you young. It gives you a zest for life. It really does.”

A Conversation With Tommy Chong - Paradise Seeds He’s about to go on tour with his old partner in comedy, Cheech Marin. “We’ve reached a great time in our lives. We’re at that stage where we don’t have to do much anymore. We just have to show up and show that we’re still alive you know!”

And what does he think of the latest breed of cannabis comedians and actors keeping the flame burning for stoner comedy? “They’re great! There’s always a new crop of cannabis comedians coming through, but it’s a little straighter now than it was back in the day. I mean we were pretty crazy and got away with a lot of stuff you couldn’t get away with now. These days it’s much more politically correct.”

It was in 1978 that Cheech and Chong burst onto the scene with their debut, the outrageously funny road trip movie, Up in Smoke. The two comedians had been doing stand up and releasing comedy albums on vinyl since the late 1960s, but Up in Smoke brought them to the big screen and a wider audience.

These days, Tommy still consumes weed. What’s his preferred method? He shrugs, “A vaporizer, I still like to smoke a joint now and again for old time’s sake, and edibles too… And sometimes a bong. Did you know I like making homemade bongs? It’s a great thing to do when I’m stoned, get involved in doing something creative you know. I tell people this all the time. Do something active or artistic and don’t waste that high!”