MARCH 2016 Promo 15% OFF + Sativa, Indica and Medical CBD Giveaways Paradise Seeds Cannabis SeedsAt Paradise Seeds we love March. It's that time of year for us folks in the northern hemisphere when Spring brings a feeling of optimism and excitement for what the summer will bring. That's right, it's time to start planning out this year's crop... so we're celebrating with some great promotions this month!

- For the first week (Tue 1st - Mon 7th March) we have 15% OFF ON ALL SEEDS!

- All throughout the month, on orders above 40€, we are giving away a free 'mystery' 1-seed pack.

- On orders of more than 80€, we are giving you the choice of a FREE 3 PACK of indica, sativa or CBD medical beans - Allkush, Dutch Dragon or Nebula ll CBD.

- On orders above 140€, you get a FREE 5-PACK of Allkush (indica), Dutch Dragon (sativa) or Nebula II CBD (medical).

  • Allkush - This is one of our popular indica varieties, versatile, super resinous and great for a SOG setup, she is a popular choice for both beginners and pros.
  • Dutch Dragon - A sativa legend that thrives under bright lights indoors and reaches for the sun outdoors. Good in all gardens, but in a Mediterranean climate, this dragon will soar for the sky!
  • Nebula ll CBD - We took one of our popular strains and bred it for medical purposes. The result is a great tasting plant that comes with amazing therapeutic qualities.

Enjoy Spring gardeners!

Team Paradise