Paradise Seeds Medical Cannabis Program Grows! - Paradise SeedsPatients in Chile have become the latest beneficiaries of a unique Paradise Seeds medical program which aims to help home growers and grow club networks gain access to medical cannabis.

Paradise Seeds has provided seeds for the Daya Foundation to distribute to a network of patients suffering from a range of diseases and conditions including epilepsy and cancer. Through workshops and courses, the Chilean charity informs people how cannabis can be cultivated to help them treat their illness.

Ana María Gazmuri, Executive Director of the Daya Foundation, said, "We greatly appreciate this donation from Paradise Seeds. Our patients will be able to carry out their first crops, alleviate their symptoms and improve their quality of life. Home growing is the main access route for our patients and we hope that many more can continue their own growing."

The Chilean donation is just one example from the Medical Program we launched at the beginning of this year to assist those in most need. This program is ongoing, and is available to any patient who can prove they have a medical condition for which cannabis can provide some relief.

Medical cannabis patients, growing for their own personal treatment, receive a 50% discount on all of our Paradise Seeds varieties (although this offer is only available in countries with no seed import restrictions).

Paradise Seeds Medical Cannabis Program

The program is free to join for any medical user who can provide us with relevant medical documentation (such as prescription, medical card or doctor’s recommendation) along with ID for proof of identity.

Since launching the Medical Program, we have been overwhelmed by the response we have received from medical users who have been sharing their stories with how it has helped them - from individual users to growers groups such as the dedicated members of La Piantiamo Social Club who provide cannabis to over 300 of their handicapped members.

As Paradise Seeds founder, Luc Krol, says, "When we launched Paradise Seeds 24 years ago, we soon became aware that patients suffering from a range of medical conditions were using cannabis to relieve their symptoms.
Cannabis brings relief for many thousands of medical cannabis users and yet many patients still struggle to find a reliable supply of high quality cannabis. They are forced to buy from the street, paying high prices for cannabis that is often poor quality, non-organic and often containing harmful additives.

It is time this changed. Growing medical cannabis for personal use should be a human right. This discount is a token of our belief and we hope this program will be of help to those patients who need it the most. As a medical cannabis user, growing your own, is the only way to ensure quality and consistency."

Wappa - Paradise Seeds A Medical Cannabis User's Experience

Juan (aged 43) is a medical cannabis user from Spain who has suffered from muscle spasms since he picked up an injury in his job as a construction worker. He uses Wappa to make his own cannabis tinctures and also vapes to treat his condition.

"I picked up a musculoskeletal disorder the doctors said resulted from repetitive lifting over the years. I suffer from muscle spasms in my lower back which can be really painful and basically incapacitate me. I was on strong painkillers but I didn't like what they were doing to my body.
About five years ago, my girlfriend suggested I look into cannabis. I had never used it before, but I researched it and found out that cannabis reduces inflammation. I got hold of some, borrowed a vape (I don't smoke), and was amazed at the results. All I know is that it relaxes me and as a result my muscle spasms become more controllable.
I have grown a number of strains over the years but Wappa has become my strain of choice. When I heard about the Paradise medical program I signed up. All I can say is thank you Paradise for subsidising what I see as essential medicine!"

Top Paradise Seeds Strains for Medical Treatment

Paradise Seeds has over 30 cannabis strains to choose from and while medical users tend to like different strains based on their preferences, here are some good general medical varieties to try.

Autoflowers are popular with many medical users, thanks to their compact size which makes them an easy fit into a garden or on a balcony and avoids the attention of neighbors. Best medical performers with good pain relief qualities are Pandora and Vertigo. Our dedicated medical varieties have a higher CBD content, bringing relaxation without the heady effects that comes with THC. These include Durga Mata ll CBD and Nebula ll CBD.