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In recent times we have become used to reading about the big successes associated with cannabis legalization. If you are one of the lucky cannabis growers and consumers now operating in a legal sphere then count your luck! Because a large part of the world is still living under the shadow of cannabis illegality and the fight continues...

Paradise Seeds is very proud to begin a partnership with one of Europe’s oldest activist organizations. The Cannabis Information and Research Collective (CIRC), which was founded in France in 1991, enjoys political and cultural support for its cause throughout France. 

Paradise Seeds founder, Luc Krol, says, "I'm very pleased to establish this partnership. I have been a supporter of CIRC since the early days and I remain a great admirer of the organization's dedication to fighting the cause for legalization while providing essential information to consumers for safe cannabis use."  

The association forges the link between the different actors of the civic scene. And who better than a clown to turn the clandestine smoke into a wind of freedom, transform a TGV into a cannabistrot, burn its papers in a public place on June 18, illuminate the National Assembly with 577 petards, defend the hippies and the patients at his expense and always present himself in a favorable light at the court of miracles?  For 30 years, the make-up has been dripping with laughs and tears, costumes have been torn and repatched, but nevertheless the CIRC remains on stage!

Recognizing the dedication to the cannabis cause and vital role that activism plays in bringing about change through words and actions, Paradise Seeds is pleased to extend an offer of 20% discount (on all seeds) to CIRC members. 

This organization continues to fight for the rights of cannabis users on a manifesto of cannabis policy reform, legalization of personal growing and consumption and amnesty for those convicted of non-violent drug related crime. CIRC also provides public service information regarding the consumption of cannabis and its potential health risks.

You can find out more about the organization and its work through its website and Paradise Seeds enthusiastically supports its efforts to bring about change!