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Jacky White by FLO
Strain: Jacky White
Uploader: FLO
Days to Finish: 71
Growing Medium: Soil
Location: Homebox XS 150 Watt LED
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Fertilizer B'CUZZ Coco A+B, ATAMI Bloombastic

Jacky White by FLO

Photocontest Details

Hey there again,this time I planted a Jacky White, which was alltogether not that easy to grow. But this could also be because of low temperature during last session.Got these seeds last year in Tarifa, Spain on Sale (Outdoor Season was over).Seed took almost a week to start cracking.Sent plant to flower after 25 days of veg. The plant went a little bit purple during the last weeks, but I think this was because of my temperature.The harvested material was 45 grams dry on a 60-70 cm plant (like in my other grows, always next to 2-3 different strains). I think this is not bad at all. ;)Flavor is delicious, can't really describe it, candylike, piney, woody, fruity, wwidowy ;)very tasty, my next strain from Paradise Seeds will be Sensi Star.Hope you guys vote for me again. And thanks again to Paradise Seeds for these nice strains.

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