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Pandora by Iggy
Strain: Pandora
Uploader: Iggy
Days to Finish: 89
Growing Medium: Soil
Location: Frankfurt
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Fertilizer Standard 7-5-6 growth supplement for house plants. I just wanted to test this strain with minimum amounts of nutes to see where it's problems would lie.

Pandora by Iggy

Photocontest Details

I was using a total of 160W of CFL. about 110w in 2700K and about 50W in 6500K. The Strongest lights are hung in the range of the main colas, and the other lights are hung as supplements wherever the plant seems to need lighting the most. This was the first seed which I grew of this strain, and I just wanted to test out how it went with the minimum amount of additives possible, and these were my results. My next grow will be under a 400w MH/HPS in a 100x100x200 tent, and I now know all of the possible problems with this strain, because believe it or not, for an auto, the effect is amazing! :)

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