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Seeds are strictly sold as souvenirs and for genetic preservation, they are illegal to germinate in most countries. Please read our Terms and Conditions.

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Acid by Paradise Seeds

Rating 3.9 Out of 5 (282 Análises)
A Acid é a nossa própria versão da já mundialmente conhecida variedade Diesel

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Acid - feminized: 3 seeds

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Acid - feminized: 5 seeds

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Acid - feminized: 10 seeds

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Acid Sementes de Cannabis

A Acid é a nossa própria versão da já mundialmente conhecida variedade Diesel (originalmente criada nos Estados Unidos e conhecida em todo o mundo através da pagina web Selecionámos genética de alta qualidade para criar a nossa própria versão. A planta mãe selecionada foi combinada com uma das nossas genéticas Holandesas preferidas dando fruto a uma super hibrida com um efeito poderoso em qualquer um que a inale! Depois de expirar estes vapores ácidos, a sensação esmagadora é evidente. Causa um efeito positivo e ascensor. O peso do corpo diminui, expondo-nos às suas qualidades medicinais. Sentir-se-á ligeiro e mais otimista. Esta híbrida converteu-se numa grande produtora com ainda mais potencia que a original. As plantas da variedade Acid são uma alegria para o jardineiro, mas convêm utilizar bons filtros para o cheiro porque estas plantas enchem a sala de cultivo com um aroma muito pesado.


Tipo: Maiormente Indica (60/40) Tempo de Floração: 65 dias em interior. Exterior, final de Outubro L.N. - final de Abril L.S. Rendimento: 400g por m2 em interior;  exterior 600g por planta Efeito: Poderoso, ascendente, esmagador Cheiro/sabor: Toranjas ácidas THC: *** CBD: *

Strain Characteristics - Acid

THC 16-20%
CBD <0.1%
Indica/Sativa Ratio 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Flowering Time Indoor 65 Days
Harvest Month (n.L) End October
Harvest Month (s.L) Mid April
Effect/Buzz Powerful, overwhelming, uplifting
Smell/Taste Sour grapefruit
Yield Outdoor (GR/PP) 700 Gr
Yield Indoor (gr/m2) 400 Gr

Cannabis Cups

3 6ª Copa THC Valencia 2016 (indoor)

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  1. .... Análise por TIM

    look amazing!!!! (Colocado em 02/05/2012)

  2. acid Análise por diverdown

    This breed is definatly a fast grower. It is leaving in the dust 8 other plants of the same genetics. Amazing. (Colocado em 08/12/2011)

  3. One of the best Diesel cross Análise por Rodia

    Hi folks. I run this beauty since it hit the market. And as a true Diesel Lover i place that Acid version in my top 3 . I run a 20 plants per square meter and the aroma was undescriptable (fuel mix whit grape candy?). Carbon filter is not an option here. Doing a sea of green in 2 liters pots give me a respectable pound of head buds . All whit the Diesel multicolours buds leafs at the end of flowering. A minimum of 30 days of curing is to me satisfying but i cured 4 mounths. My buds have spear shape but dense and heavy. To end up whit one of the most pleasent sativa hybrid to inhale. The potency is higher than ak-47 and white widow ...! To me its a keeper. I rate this strain overall 8.5 on 10. (Colocado em 08/12/2011)

  4. It is well worth it to break open the nugs of this varietal! Análise por GreenHealth Cooperative

    SCJ Cannsbis Profile #13
    Provider: GreenHealth Cooperative
    Grown by: Unknown
    Phenotype: Sativa Dominant
    Genetics: Diesel x Unknown Dutch
    Smell/Taste: Sweet citrus, sharp
    Effects: uplifting, cerebral, confident
    Positive: consistently uplifting, creative, sharp, weightless sensation
    Negative: loses some clarity in high doses
    Quality of Life: Anxiety, Assistance with trauma processing, relief from physical discomfort (patients who consistently experience medicinal benefits not listed here, please e-mail:

    I am always looking diversify my collection of Sativa dominants. A functionally creative high with clarity is a god send to meet my needs both medicinally and as a writer. I previously avoided ‘Acid’ on name alone, anticipating the mind-bending high of other varietals touting psychedelic potential. However, this strain is a cross between an unknown Dutch and an excellent Diesel phenotype. Far from the ego-crushing potential of Jack f6 or LSD. Here we see Diesel’s confident swagger brought center stage, but smoothed out with a slathering of sympathetic awareness-presumably an influence of the selected Dutch mother.

    The Paradise Seed’s advertisement Acid’s grape fruit aroma, a sweet citrus that matures when given attention. Resting on the surface is a dark spice, a softer version of fuel’s skunk. The smoke introduces pleasantly with full-bodied hits that remains smooth and packed with a candied grapefruit that rests on the palate. A deep flavor, it has the potential to fill the nostrils with the spice of mature fruits, especially for those vaporizing at optimal temperatures. The buds can form densely, filling out completely with plump calyx and pungent resin. To experience a full spectrum of terpenes, It is well worth it to break open the nugs of this varietal.

    (Colocado em 21/05/2011)


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