3 Tips for New Medical Cannabis Users - ABCANN - Paradise Seeds Are you a medical cannabis user? Do you smoke weed to get high or do you smoke (or consume another way such as in vape or medical form) to relieve medical symptoms?

Every year Paradise Seeds travels to expos all around the world with our stand, selling cannabis seeds and giving advice to growers about the best strains for their individual circumstances. Over the past couple of years we have seen a huge spike in the number of first time medical marijuana users.

Medical Cannabis For Beginners

3 Tips for New Medical Cannabis Users - Paradise Seeds With few exceptions, these first time users have done extensive research before attending an expo. They have studied the science, talked with others who medicate with cannabis products, and discussed the pros and cons with family and friends. At the end of this process they have arrived at the decision to try medical cannabis.

We appreciate that following the medical marijuana route is a big deal. The majority of those first timers have no previous experience with the cannabis plant and naturally it is a daunting experience. They have concerns about the legality of such treatment (in countries with strict anti-cannabis laws), about the social stigma and about the physical effects.

The one thing we hear consistently is “I don’t want to get high.” At the end of the day, we have been breeding sativa and indica strains for over 20 years, developing seeds with strong genetics and distinctive characters for each plant variety. With this in mind, we always have advice to give!

Commonly asked questions by new medical cannabis users are:

“What is the best medical cannabis strain?”

Durga Mata II CBD - Paradise Seeds Medical varieties in the Paradise Seeds catalogue include CBD rich varieties, Durga Mata ll CBD and Nebula ll CBD. These seeds are feminized, for easy growing, with excellent germination rates and a reputation for stable, uniform growth (the best guarantee for consistent results). The high CBD content brings more relaxation (compared to THC which is the psychoactive element that produces the ‘high’ effect).

Pandora and Vertigo are also renowned for their medical qualities. These varieties are autoflowering seeds. They grow shorter and have an in-built natural clock to make them flower quickly regardless of light hours.

“What is the best way to obtain medical cannabis?”

A doctor’s prescription is always the best way to obtain medical grade cannabis. Unfortunately, however, this is an option not available to many thousands (or even millions) of medical users around the world.

In the absence of options to buy from registered medical marijuana dispensaries, the home grow room setup has been recognized by medical marijuana users as the best way to ensure a consistent supply of medical quality cannabis. They usually turn to the internet for advice on how to set up and grow, technological innovation and an abundance of shared knowledge means there are options for growing plants in even the smallest spaces.

“What is the best way to consume medical cannabis?”

This very much depends on a user’s medical condition and their familiarity with cannabis. For those who have not used it before, smoking can be unpleasant or disorientating, from the physical aspect of smoking to the cannabis effect. In parts of the world where medical cannabis is legal – including over half the states in the USA - cannabis comes in many different forms, including extracts, edibles and tinctures.

Pax 3 Cannabis Vaporizer - Paradise Seeds While it is possible to prepare your own medical cannabis oil, for many new medical users, feeling their way, a vaporizer is a good option. It is a cleaner system of delivery (vapour not smoke) and the effect is milder. Our friends at the Amsterdam Seed Center recommend the following models – one for ultimate stealth (allowing you to discreetly vape almost anywhere), and one recommended for its effectiveness.

Tune into Paradise News over the coming months for more medical announcements and advice and if you have any questions about medical cannabis strains, please do get in touch.