autumn promo

You know how it is when you're looking to germinate your next batch of cannabis seeds.... so much choice, so little space, it's always so hard to choose which beans to buy! 

We can't help you with your big choice BUT, for our Autumn Promo we have selected two plants from the Paradise Seeds vault as our free seed giveaway, so that's one less choice to make! 

"How much do I have to spend to get free seeds?"
Good question! 

Spend €40+ and get a free 1 seed pack
Spend €80 + and get a free 3 seed pack
Spend €140+ and get a free 5 seed pack

Just make your order and choose your free cannabis seeds at the checkout.

"What are the free seed options?"
Another good question!

This month the Paradise breeding team has selected two pedigree strains for you to choose from as your free finest cannabis seed selection: Nebula (feminized) and Vertigo (autoflower).


An original Paradise Seeds sativa dominant hybrid strain (you can trace its heritage back to the first wave of Paradise strains in the 1990s). It's still hugely popular thanks to its tremendous grow qualities, superior flavor and uplifting aura (with a mellow indica trail to follow). 

Key characteristics are an overly generous frosting of trichomes and rock hard nuggets. The taste is distinctively sweet too - somewhere between honey and fruit. A fine grow room companion and works well in a Sea of Green set up too. Check out the grow report for more detail


If you are looking for an Indica dominant autoflower plant that is easy to grow, quick to finish and delivers a decent yield then this is the one for you. Auto Vertigo is the popular choice of indica aficionados and also medical users who are attracted by the extreme relaxation it brings.

Key characteristics are speedy growth (with a bit of stretch) and frosty buds and a taste that fizzles with citrus tones. A great plant to have in the grow room and also a good one for beginners thanks to its robust nature.

Read more specific information about Nebula  and Vertigo and don't forget that all our strains have detailed descriptions to help you choose the best plant for your tastes and circumstances.