Destination Prague - Cannafest 2016 - Paradise SeedsThis month we have our bags packed and we are travelling to Prague for one of Paradise Seeds’ favourite expos. From the 11 – 13th of November we will be representing at Cannafest, which returns to the awesome Prague Exhibition Grounds building in Holešovice.

As well as The Paradise Seeds stand (STAND 23), we are very excited that Cannafest is showing our documentary about the work of the Daya Foundation in South America – Green Medicine: Chile’s Medical Cannabis Revolution. The documentary is part of the expo’s cinema program and will be shown in the Cannafest Cinema at 15.15 on Saturday November 12th.

Cannafest – A Quality Expo

Maybe it has something to do with the majestic venue, but the Czech Expo has a very distinctive vibe to it. Some who have been visiting since Cannafest began 7 years ago refer to a more ‘mature’ element at the show looking to further their knowledge of the cannabis plant and its non-recreational uses. The conference and cinema zones are particularly busy (to the point of standing room only for some speakers).

Of course, this Expo also knows how to have fun too, with Cannafest featuring more than 250 exhibitors, area stages, daily attractions and a selection of after parties bringing the best of reggae, drum n bass, techno and funk to the Cannafest crowd.

Destination Prague - Cannafest 2016 - Paradise SeedsIs Prague a Cannabis Friendly City?

Prague has often been referred to as the ‘Amsterdam of the East’, with a reputation for tolerance towards cannabis. However, as with every country and its cannabis laws, any canna-tourist needs to do their research. According to the International Journal of Drug Policy, “Czech drug policy has been considered modern, pragmatic, rational and sometimes too liberal”, but the visiting toker needs to be aware that discretion is required.

If you openly blaze away in the Czech Republic, the cops may take an interest. Under the Czech Criminal Code if you are caught in possession of an amount not “greater than small” for personal use only – you’ve got to love the ambiguity of that definition! – it‘s a misdemeanor that carries a fine of up to 15,000 CZK (approximately 500€). In reality, ‘small’ refers to less than 10 grams, and any more than that is considered a criminal offence.

Nevertheless, the vibes in Prague are cannabis friendly and the best way to find out just how friendly they are at the time is to chat with a local (preferably not one dressed in a costume that looks like it just walked out of the pages of Folklore). If your Czech language needs a bit of work, don’t worry, English is widely spoken. A little tip about the money however… the Czechs use Korunas, which confuse the hell out of visitors coming in from the Dollar, Euro and Sterling zones. Local vendors near the main tourist sights know this too, so check your change!

Bohemian Rhapsody – Original Bohemian Capital Vibes!

Destination Prague - Cannafest 2016 - Paradise SeedsInteresting history fact #306: The Czech Republic has a rich history of culture and intellectual tradition and its capital Prague is the historical capital of Bohemia. Before the birth of Czechoslovakia, after the First World War, Czechs were referred to by the rest of the world as Bohemians.

Of course, in more recent times, the term ‘bohemian’ has become associated with those who choose to lead unconventional lives (often in the arts or music scenes), but this is coincidental. This use of the word bohemian comes from nineteenth century France when struggling artists lived in poorer neighborhoods of French cities that were inhabited by Romani (or gypsy) people. The gypsies were referred to as Bohémien, as they were (wrongly) assumed to have originally migrated from Bohemia. You learn something new every day!

Regardless of the true origins, there is much to be said for today’s Bohemian and creative vibes in the city of Prague – from graffiti and contemporary art exhibitions at galleries such as Trafo Gallery and DOX Center for Contemporary Art to jumping clubs such as the Roxy and the iconic Cross Club.