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We hope you had a great summer. We hope you are ready for a spectacular Fall too! This month we're talking about terpenes and mainlining/LST, expo season has resumed and we also have a super new promo for you. Read on!...



Terpenes have become as significant as THC and CBD levels for cannabis connoisseurs. These essential oils give cannabis strains their unique smell and flavor. "With a hint of cold metallic steel on the tip of the tongue the nose receptors experience a scent like squeezed lemon on a branch of fresh pine, with a finish that combines black pepper and woman's perfume." What's the Paradise Seeds strain?! Check out the results of our Terpene Testing article to find out!
Spend over €40 with us and get free seeds. The more you spend, the more you get! Selected promo strains this month are: 
1. Nebula - Consistently one of our most popular feminized strains this sativa dominant hybrid is a real delight to grow!
 2. Vertigo - One of our best selling autoflower strains this indica dominant hybrid delivers pure relaxation (popular with medical users too). Choose your strain at checkout!

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There are numerous ways to grow a cannabis plant. Mainlining and LST is one of these alternative techniques! Curious to try something new in the grow room but lacking the confidence to take the leap? Then take a tutorial master class from the Top Shelf Grower. New Skunkworks Project episodes complete the series. Easy to follow, step, by step, boost your yield and your growing knowledge!
This month we are heading to Denmark - returning to North Grow expo (September 6th - 8th) for the second time. We had a great time at this expo last year - seeing the great things happening on the Scandinavian cannabis scene and because of the expo's special emphasis on medical cannabis. Last year we had many great conversations about the health benefits of the cannabis plant and we look forward to doing the same again this year. Come and see us on STAND 37.
That's all for this month. Big ups Paradise Crew! Have a great September!

(and make sure you water those plants)!

Team Paradise, Amsterdam