Auto Kong 4. The beast is out of the cage!

Lock the doors, close the windows, hide under your couch. A new beast is on the prowl thanks to an explosive collaboration between Paradise and Tommy Chong. Auto Kong 4 has arrived!

It's the king of the swingers, a real jungle VIP, and our autoflower spin on the favorite GG4 (formerly known as Gorilla Glue). This is a hybrid autoflower that roars, combining full blooded potency with Empire State sized yields.

Auto Kong is the first auto to make it into our Chong's Choice collection. Cannabis legend Tommy Chong loved the original strain and we have worked with him to reproduce the Glue in an explosive auto form.

Unlike some seed companies we do not make impossible claims to have our own twist on the 'latest' hot strain within months. Any experienced cultivator knows that it takes time to breed strains - backcrossing, selecting and testing until the genetics are properly stabilized. 
It's taken time, but this is a strain we are proud to call our own. Tommy Chong's ecstatic with the results and so are we!

Mary Jane Berlin 2019

We are fresh back from the Mary Jane expo in Berlin. Wow, what a show! Our busiest Mary Jane yet! We spent some quality time with customers who have known us for years and met many new customers who were discovering the Paradise brand for the first time (as well as our exclusive Paradise photo booth ;)

Over three days the Paradise stand was busy - lots of people asking for information about the best strains for specific grow environments and asking for cultivation advice. For our German Paradise fans, don't forget you can buy direct online from the Paradise Seeds website (and benefit from our free seed promotions as part of the process!).

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Super Summer Promo

This month our special summer promo is all about Kong and Chong!

With each purchase of seeds (3, 5 and 10 pack) we are giving away a free seed of our mighty new XXL autoflower, Auto Kong 4,which is new to the Chong's Choice collection.

This promo is valid on purchases of any of the strains in the Paradise range - Indica, Sativa, Auto or Champions packs. We only have a limited number of Auto Kong 4 seeds to giveaway so catch this beast before it disappears from promo land!

We wish you all a great summer!
Team Paradise