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Automaria II

Automaria II by Paradise Seeds

Uma híbrida auto-florescente maioritariamente Sativa com algumas caracteristicas de Indica.
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- From: €23,00

Nome Produto Preço Qt
Automaria II - Feminized: 3 seeds
23,00 €
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Automaria II - Feminized: 5 seeds
35,00 €
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Automaria II - Feminized: 10 seeds
65,00 €
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Análises de clientes

2 Item(ns)

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Impressive Analisado por LittleJohn
I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical of the Autoflowering plants and this little lady was my first try. Impressive, very impressive.

I even tried to screw her up and she still finished early and very potent. (I accidentally left her on her stand next to my grill and she got burned a little)

This plant will grow fast and start spitting buds out like crazy. My plant was outdoors in a 6 liter pot filled with a mid grade soil. I did one veggie cycle of nutes and two flower cycles of nutes. She finished in 45 days.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for an easy plant to grow that will yield a decent amount of really good buds in a short period of time. A perfect windowsill plant! (Colocado em 22/07/2011)
Super Analisado por grow_bob
Ein super service von Paradise seed. Sehr gute Kominikation.

Die Samen sind nach 2 tagen angefangen zu keimen und wachsen recht gut!

Gute ernte wird bevor stehen! (Colocado em 29/05/2011)

2 Item(ns)

por página

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