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Ice Cream

Ice Cream by Paradise Seeds

Ice Cream expressa uma diversidade de fenótipos, todos produtores de fumo saboroso
7 Análises

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- From: €32,00

Nome Produto Preço Qt
Ice Cream - feminized: 3 seeds
32,00 €
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Ice Cream - feminized: 5 seeds
50,00 €
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Ice Cream - feminized: 10 seeds
90,00 €
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Análises de clientes

7 Item(ns)

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ice cream Analisado por indica man
one of the best strain i have ever grown smoke 10/10 very smooth relaxing smoke and easy to grow got 450grams per square meter 7 weeks veg 8 weeks flower grown in flood and drain (Colocado em 21/04/2013)
Hell Yeah~ Analisado por SirSmokesALot
What a strain. 10/10 germination. Responded well to LSt, and was one of the easiest strains I have ever grown with some really full flavor smoke. Some variation I found but all 10 had a amazing funkiness that is next to impossible to describe. Well Done Paradise~ (Colocado em 02/06/2012)
Best strain for depression Analisado por fatass
Best strain for depression or anxiety
Few hits and you are happy and relaxed
No paranoia at all (Colocado em 02/05/2012)
Positive Analisado por Tronlam
First comercial harvest of this strain confirms this as a real winner. The plants are as they say" ferrari" like when talking about a fast response to any imbalance or stress condition. The advantage though is ample time to fix them. The yield was very good 100 g plus per plant. Very tasty smoke. Provides an upbeat feeling. Another proven winner by paradise. Best feminised seeds on the market. Period! (Colocado em 15/04/2012)
great Analisado por kalaBro
I smoked it @ the 5th Rome's Cannabis Cup (it took the 2nd place) it had a really good fruity taste with a little of acid that i liked a lot. the effect was really positive and longlasting. (Colocado em 22/01/2012)
top quality Analisado por Highman
i smoke since 14 years, it's the more tasty weed i have ever smoke and the effect is good stoned.She is wonderfull. Unfortunatly, the plants are a little bit too small but the quality IS HERE ! (Colocado em 27/08/2011)
ice cream Analisado por dark side off the spoon
I bay 10 fem seeds.1 is not born,1 is deformed,and i have 8 healty uniform plants. (Colocado em 05/06/2011)

7 Item(ns)

por página

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