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Nebula by Paradise Seeds

A Nebula brilha com uma capa de Tricomas cheios de THC que o levam ao reino do espaço!
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- From: €11,50

Nome Produto Preço Qt
Nebula - Feminised 1 seed
11,50 €
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Nebula - feminized: 3 seeds
32,00 €
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Nebula - feminized: 5 seeds
50,00 €
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Nebula - feminized: 10 seeds
90,00 €
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Análises de clientes

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The OTHER Happy Camper! Analisado por Happy Camper
This is my all time favorite. Don't smoke this during the day unless you're unemployed! Incredible yields, super hard nugs coated with trichs. It looked smaller and had fewer buds than the Opium (done at the same time), but the weight was much more than the Opium. Very dense, and very fruity smelling too. No, I don't work for Paradise, but I wish I did! And ignore the hater on here, there's no way he tried any of their strains or he wouldn't have said any of that. (Colocado em 04/12/2013)
Looking good but... Analisado por Fun Guy
65 days flowering....? Are there phenos that go 90 days...? (Colocado em 20/02/2013)
Excellent choice Analisado por Mac in Maine
I started my seeds in cups of Fox Farm Ocean Forest. Transplanted them into 1gallon bags of 50/50 Ocean Forest and Cococoir. Nutes were Fox Farm ;Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom. 2 were put in 5 gallon buckets and flowered under 600watt HPS on a 11on/13 off. Took one at 8 1/2 weeks the other at 65 days. 1st one was good uplifting smoke and fruity flavors. The 65 day was primo. Great sativa high, I smoke a bowl before gardening and I work for hours. At night, great buzz for movies and video games. 6 week cure had my friends tell me this is the best they have ever smoked. I also put 1 seed and 1 clone outside here in Maine. I live in the out in the stick, good thing as you could smell the aroma from the road about 60 yards away. After a 6 week cure, I have kept all of this for my private stash. The other 2 seeds are now mom's gor my clones. This strain also clones very easily in my bubble cloner. Fantastic weed, thanks Luc.
(Colocado em 02/12/2012)
Top 5 for sure Analisado por T.
smooth, fruity, crystalized, cant wait for the next batch! (Colocado em 05/08/2012)
Great plant! Analisado por Happy Camper
I received this as a freebie, and after trying it I had to buy a 5 pack. It's a fast growing monster with great side branching and short internodes. In hydro it's a freaking beast! Beautiful chrystal coating, with a look of lambs bread. Incredible yields too. You have a true winner with Nebula. (Colocado em 05/08/2012)
Bangin 4 The Amature Grower Analisado por Shadz
just cropped 2 crops of Nebula fuckin bangin get these seeds. i also recomend critical jack from dinafem (Colocado em 02/06/2012)
Nebula Weak Sativa Analisado por Jbarth
Was not very impressed at all with this strain. It was a feebie and the plant yielded "ok" nothing special, but the smoke was super weak even after almost 2 months cure time in jars. Not a very strong sativa at all! We also grew out a autoflower Royal Queen and what waste of time that was! Plant grew to 2 inches tall and started flowering ROFL!! Then there was the Acid freebie and that one did not even germinate at all! 3 strikes your out Paradise Seeds! You guys need some breeding lessons or something. Cheers! (Colocado em 02/03/2012)
OMG Analisado por XxRCBxX
This is one of the best plant I've ever grown it is some real deal dank (Colocado em 03/02/2012)
best choice Analisado por Rodia
It is the best sativa strain from paradise seeds (Colocado em 08/12/2011)
still going strong. Analisado por Rodia
Again I.. But for good reasons ? Just harvest a new crop of Nebula and i was bless by Jah and Paradise Seed . This crop was new beans but on old pack of feminized (1 year old). And i found something so wicked and shiny ...Honestly and humbly never seen any Nebula's pictures that frosty on the web,. That strain is my Top notch strain and stll amazed me after years of perpetuals crops from the regular seeds eventuly my selectted clones. It is perfect cannabis breeding exercise i have relied on ... Happy New Years!!!! (Colocado em 08/12/2011)

Itens 1 a 10 num total de 11

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