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Sensi Star

Sensi Star by Paradise Seeds

A Sensi Star é uma das Indicas mais fortes que voçê vai encontrar
8 Análises

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- From: €14,00

Nome Produto Preço Qt
Sensi Star - Feminised 1 seed
14,00 €
- +
Sensi Star - feminized: 3 seeds
38,00 €
- +
Sensi Star - feminized: 5 seeds
60,00 €
- +
Sensi Star - feminized: 10 seeds
110,00 €
- +
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Análises de clientes

8 Item(ns)

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good job Analisado por Nature Lover
Paradise Seeds.. PLEASE keep up the good work!

Best Greetings (Colocado em 05/08/2012)
The best Analisado por djmadmike
Sensi star is the best smoke i have EVER smoked. A friend of mine grew it himself, along with a few other strains and this stuff is the bomb. I took 5 pulls of the joint and already i was stoned. (Colocado em 12/07/2012)
Awesome Weed Analisado por Likely
Yo lo plante en 2003, interior, y brutal, sin feminizar 8/10 , y todas identicas, jamas he vuelto a fumar algo igual,''huele igual que sabe'' y es algo que se agradece, hasta este año... Buena suerte (Colocado em 15/04/2012)
Great performer! Analisado por Spacecase
Another dependable performer from Paradise. This cultivar is better than good!.. A connoisseurs plant which when well grown produces chunky resinous buds on a well formed plant, mine grew to 100cm, uniform maturing, strong heady high, distinctive bouquet, hard to beat all round. Thanks for the strain. (Colocado em 03/02/2012)
This is my humble opinion is one fo the finest strains ever developed. Analisado por FancyWeed
I have been growing this strain for over 8 years and have a old pheno that smply rocks! (Colocado em 03/02/2012)
sensi star Analisado por humo espeso
hola a todos soy de las palmas canari island y tengo la suerte de tener un clima exelente e cultivado sensi estar en exterior y la verdad es que me ha asombrado gocollos duros como pidra una produccion de resina increible y la fumada es punto y aparte sin duda la reina del cannabis enorabuena por crear sensi star (Colocado em 08/12/2011)
High grade medical grade cannabis Analisado por Sensi * Lover
3 years ago I was introduced to this strain. It is still one of my favorites, very (extremly) strong and clear body high, the taste sometimes while inhaling is smooth and pungent and has a little berry taste when the smoke is bein exhaled. Although the yield could be better, the quality of the buds is just so high that it really worth to grow this lady. Paradise seed did a really good job with this one. I also find this strain it very resistant against powdery mildew. (Colocado em 05/10/2011)
i found this a joy to grow. Analisado por willsybaby
i found this i joy to grow, short tree like plants flowered at 12" finished around 18", i found flowering under a gull wing lamp (closed) the buds were tighter and more resinous, and with the gull wings (open) the plants grew bigger buds, (still very resinous) just not as strong still 20%+ thc, honest this is the best i have ever smoked and i have tried most diesel, blueberry ect. just remember keep the nutrients low and keep it wanting more fore best results. (Colocado em 04/06/2011)

8 Item(ns)

por página

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