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Best sativa cannabis seed genetics

Cannabis sativa seeds are the starting point for growing sativa plants, a cannabis species (or subspecies) which displays certain traits and features. Traditionally, this has been one of the categorizations (along with indica) which has dominated how cannabis plants are defined. However plants grown from cannabis sativa seeds are also known as narrow leaf  cannabis strains, a term that has gained popularity over time.

Paradise Seeds sativa cannabis seeds produce plants which have been bred for performance, but the legacy of their genetics can be traced back to original landrace sativa strains in many cases. Sativa strains are found growing naturally in many regions of the southern hemisphere including South America, Africa and Southeast Asia.

As mentioned previously, sativa seeds are known for producing distinctive long narrow leaves (in contrast to indica plants which have broad leaves) and they also have a longer flowering period than indica plants, bening ready from mid – late October in the northern hemisphere and mid – late April in the southern hemisphere.

Characteristics of sativa seeds cannabis plants

Cannabis sativa, or sativa cannabis (or simply sativa), displays a different growth pattern to indica plants, and a different effect also.

A key difference between sativa seeds and indica seeds is in regards to the height of plants, as they tend to grow much taller and this is something to bear in consideration if a grow space has height restrictions.

Cannabis sativa seeds grow into plants which are known for their tendency to reach for the light and this can cause them to ‘stretch’ during the growing process. Experienced sativa seeds indoor growers will often train their plants in order to avoid this issue and there are plenty of tutorials available as a guide to this process.

Meanwhile, for outdoor growers, especially in sunnier, warmer regions, outdoor sativa cannabis plants can grow up to 2 – 3 meters tall! Sativa plants also produce narrower, longer buds (flowers) and for this reason yields may be smaller, but some varieties have been bred for bigger yields.

High performance cannabis sativa seeds features

Most sativa seeds for sale are not 100% sativa plants. Often a plant is described as being  ‘sativa dominant’ or ‘mostly sativa’ and will consist of 80 – 90% sativa genes.

The reason for this is that modern feminized cannabis strains have been bred for high performance and the uniformity that would be missing from a pure landrace sativa sativa.

As a consequence, it will include a percentage of indica which has been introduced to stabilize the strain.

The best sativa seeds are produced by breeding and back crossing reliable parent strains to produce a sativa dominant strain. Paradise Seeds has a very high quality sativa collection, and many of these are cannabis cup winners.

The best sativa seeds plants for indoor and outdoor

While sativa seeds is a general category, the strains within it vary significantly in terms of characteristics such as flavors, potency, yield and resin production. Every sativa grower has their own preferences in this respect, not to mention a unique grow environment..

To buy sativa strains online Paradise Seeds provides comprehensive strain descriptions so that customers can choose sativa varieties with the characteristics which appeal to them most.

There is an extensive range of sativa cannabis seeds to choose from (some of which may be on sale at the moment) including classic strains as well as varieties which also feature on-trend genetics, such as Californian Collection and Tommy Chong’s Collection varieties.

Some highlights from the Classic Collection which have won many awards over the years are Dutch Dragon, Jacky White and Delahaze. Meanwhile in the California Collection and Tommy Chong’s Collection, there are several sativas which present a  modern twist in terms of enhanced terpene profiles and higher levels of strength.

Examples of these sativa strains include the potent L.A. Amnesia as well as the flavorful Chocolate Wafflez and big yield Rainbow Road.

We also provide good support for maximizing the customer experience through the advice it provides on the Paradise Seeds blog As with all cannabis seeds, customers are advised to check the individual strain descriptions regarding sativa cannabis seeds for sale, and to see the suitability for indoor grow space and outdoor environment.

Customers should also check the legal status of cannabis seeds in their nation as legal classification varies in different countries around the world.