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Paradise Seeds Free Nebula Cannabis Seed

Shooting Star Promo: FREE Nebula!

Look up to the winter skies and, if you’re lucky you will catch sight of a shooting star… Never mind if your luck’s out, the Paradise promo for November and December features our own very special shooting star in the form of the excellent Nebula!

1 FREE Nebula seed with every 5 & 10 pack purchase (of any seeds).

Yes it may just be 1, but this is the real deal, the genuine article, the cream of the crop (and that makes it worth 5 of any bulk seed freebies being thrown around the web!).

So what makes this classic Paradise Seeds strain such a huge (shooting) star?! It’s a superb sativa dominant hybrid which has won more cups than we can remember. It is a quick grow, great yield plant, which comes with a wonderful sweet honey smell and a superb creative, get up and go effect.

Time to get orbital – let this trichome heavy plant light up your grow room like a winter starry sky!

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