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5 tips to become a healthier cannabis user!

OK, so you’ve had a blazing Christmas session (which may have started somewhere near the beginning of January), maybe had a bit too much to eat and drink over the festive season and now you’re thinking about having a healthy January and getting fit.

Yes, it is that time of year when many people go cold turkey, join a gym, stop drinking and eat more healthily. They spend two weeks in January telling everyone how much good shit they’ve been doing and the last two weeks of January getting bored as hell of all the good shit they’re doing. Then it’s February and they are looking for any excuse to party again!

At Paradise Seeds we take a more relaxed approach to the whole fitness and health regime As you might expect, we do not support the ‘all or nothing’ approach, but instead believe that moderation is the secret. There is nothing stopping you from getting fitter and healthier, while keeping up your love for great cannabis. So here are some ideas for you to get healthier and more active this January, while including cannabis in your fitness regime…

5 tips to become a healthier cannabis user!5 tips to become a healthier cannabis user! - Paradise Seeds

1) Do some exercise

If all the exercise you do IS sitting on the couch playing video games, then get off your ass and get busy! Exercise doesn’t have to be training for a marathon or working out in the gym until you puke. Do some push ups, go for a hike, go Dutch and get out on the bike. You will feel better for it and if you do it regularly you will soon see and feel the difference. Unlike sport and alcohol, sport and cannabis is actually a combination that can work for many people – to help you to be aware of your body, to focus, and of course to relax those aching muscles!

2) Change your smoking habit

Yes, pulling on a fat joint is one of life’s great pleasures for the recreational cannabist! But if you’re looking to get fitter, maybe it’s time to review your smoking method. Do you have to mix so much tobacco, or use any tobacco at all? There are now all kinds of ways to minimize the harm of smoking – from vaporizers to edibles – and going pure is better for the lungs.

3) Change your diet

A holistic approach to health treats the body as a whole. So, getting fitter and working the muscles is a great start, but to really feel the benefits, you need to put the right fuel inside your body. There are a zillion blogs and articles out there suggesting ways to do this, but the healthy cannabist’s diet includes more fruit and vegetables, plenty of water and less of the crap that gets vacuumed up with every munchies attack!

4) Set a target

Some people like to have a goal. So we’re going to give you one. Paradise Seeds has a team that enters the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour every year. The next tour takes place in Austria in October. Why don’t you sign up and join us? You have 10 months to do some training!

5) Grow your own

We have a saying at paradise Seeds, “Get high on your own supply!” Only by growing your own herb will you know the origins of the weed you smoke. If you smoke cannabis, growing your own high grade organic weed is the healthiest option. The healthier you starts here!

Good luck on your fitness adventure. It will hurt at first, but just do it! (with a little green inspiration…).

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