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Tips For Transplanting Cannabis Seedlings

If you are an outdoor gardener, May (and early June) is ideally the month to be putting your cannabis plants out into the garden. By this time the Spring temperatures will be warm enough in most regions with no nasty surprises – like a late frost – to stop your seedlings from reaching for that summer sun.

Transplanting Cannabis Seedlings – No Stress!Tips For Transplanting Cannabis Seedlings - Paradise Seeds

Transplanting is one of the most stressful times for the plant as well as the grower. It has spent its short life developing a root system in the darkness beneath the soil and suddenly those roots are exposed and placed into a new environment. Naturally, a plant will take some time to adjust.

We get many enquiries from Paradise Seeds customers, asking for advice on transplanting their cannabis plants. So we have prepared a little guide for you, with some tips for making this transition process a little less stressful!

Paradise Seeds Guide to Transplanting Seedlings

1) What sized pot should you use to transplant seedlings?

Whatever pot you choose, the plant should stay in there for the rest of its life. We recommend transplanting your seedling into a 10 – 30 liter pot, or even bigger, depending on how large the growroom is. Remember, the bigger the pot, the bigger the plant, also the longer it takes for the roots to fill it in, so account for the appropriate vegging time.

Paradise tip: Use air/smart pots as they promote better root development with maximum oxygen intake.

2) What is the best soil mix for seedlings?

There are plenty of ready mix soils specific for cannabis growing out there and garden centres also sell good quality potting soils. These will come with nutrients included, providing your seedling with the essentials to boost growth (although you will need to add nutrients at a later stage). You can also prepare your own, mixing in worm castings, manure The important thing to check is the pH of your soil. Cannabis grows best in soil with a pH of 6.5 to 7.5 according to grow expert Jorge Cervantes.

Paradise tip: Aerated and well drained soil makes for healthy root growth so mix in coconut fiber or perlite.

3) How to transplant cannabis seedling from small to big pot?

Tips For Transplanting Cannabis Seedlings - Paradise SeedsThe key is preparation. Make sure your big pot is prepared with soil. Scoop out a hole the size of your small pot contents and water so the soil is moist (acting as a natural adhesive for the incoming seedling root ball). Also make sure your small pot soil is moist (if too dry the soil will crumble during the change over damaging the roots). Squeeze the edges of the small pot to loosen the root ball. Remove the root ball by placing your hand over the top of the pot (stem between your fingers) and turning the pot upside down. Place the root ball into the hole you have prepared in the bigger pot and backfill the soil, then water to bed the seedling in.

Paradise tip: Cut a piece of cardboard with a hole in the middle (bigger than the stem), and a side split so you can slide it over the pot. This will stop the soil from falling out as you turn the pot upside down.

OK, now you’re ready to go! One last tip is to keep your freshly transplanted plants out of direct sunlight for a couple of days while the seedlings adjust to their new home. Pretty soon those roots will start to spread and the plant will begin a new growth spurt through the next couple of months of summer.

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