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Top 5 Cannabis Holiday Recommendations

Looking for a cannabis vacation?

Top 5 Cannabis Holiday Recommendations - Beach Landscape - Paradise Seeds
So, what are you doing for your holidays this summer? It is vacation season and this August the northern hemisphere will be looking for any excuse to get to the beach. However, some people are looking for something different in a vacation – perhaps a bit of culture, some sporting activities, nice countryside views… or some high grade marijuana to enjoy that sunset with!

The risks of being a cannabis tourist

For many years, the Cannabist traveler has gone on vacation knowing that, at some point in their travel, they are going to have to run the gauntlet with customs officials, police and local criminals in order to indulge in their favourite leisure pastime – enjoying the view through marijuana tinted sunglasses.

The problem for cannabis aficionados on vacation was always the same – the amount of effort expended in finding a local source and the frequent disappointment of the quality of the result. As for the legality issue, every dedicated traveling cannabist has had a potential Midnight Express moment (even if it is just living the scenario out in your head!).

However! In this new era of liberalization taking place across the globe, now the traveller has some new cannabis destination options – places to kick back, relax and ride that red eye express! As everybody is looking for something different in a vacation, we have put together some holiday options for you.

Top 5 Cannabis Vacation Suggestions

1) Cannabis City Breaks

Top 5 Cannabis Holiday Recommendations - Beach Landscape - Paradise Seeds
In Europe, we have previously mentioned the benefits of Barcelona, its liberal attitude and blooming social club scene and of course Amsterdam is a fantastic city break (ok, we’re biased on that option – don’t forget to visit the Paradise Seeds store…!!).

North America has some great options too – Denver (the Mile High city) and Seattle are marijuana friendly places to visit.

2) Cannabis in the Great Outdoors

For many cannabists, combining their favourite pastime with the great outdoors is their idea of a perfect vacation. We suggest the awesome scenery of Alaska (it legalized last year) and of course the Rockies of Colorado are an awesome experience with a THC induced twist. And of course the traditional cannabis vacation destinations in southern Asia have thrived on stoned adventurers trekking up mountains and into jungles for an enhanced sensory experience!

3) Cannabis on the Beach

Top 5 Cannabis Holiday Recommendations - Jamaica - Peter Tosh - Paradise Seeds
Right now there is only one beach destination on our horizon: Jamaica. That is all! This little island paradise was always home to the herb, but since the Government voted to decriminalize this place is home to the herb without the paranoia and some of the best beach action you will find anywhere in the world.

4) Cannabis and Culture Break

Another vote for Amsterdam in this category with its impressive architecture, museums and galleries! We can also recommend the sights of Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon – safe in the knowledge that less than 25 grams of cannabis is allowed for personal use – and Prague which has a tolerant attitude, and a city centre bursting with culture. We also have a soft spot for Marrakech and its tea shops, great hash and an ancient medina which transports the traveler back in time.

5) Traditional Cannabis Holiday

Travel to the places where the cannabis scene began! There are more risks involved (see the ‘traditional’ cannabis tourist experience above!), but the payoff is exotic locations and world famous produce from the source. India is home to Charas and the Bang Lassi, Thailand has the ‘Stick’, Colombia has the ‘Gold’ and Morocco and Nepal are both famed hash destinations.

Thankfully, there is one major development which makes the cannabis tourist’s life a lot easier today than all those years ago when you would set off half way round the world based on someone’s story about a great smoke destination – the internet! We suggest you do your research wherever you go… and once you get there, do send us a postcard!

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