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Our best quality indica-seeds

Paradise Seeds is the winner of multiple cannabis cups and awards for indica plants. Cannabis – indica is a category used to define a selection of cannabis plants which exhibit specific characteristics.

Traditionally this term has been used to distinguish this group of the plant family from cannabis – sativa varieties which exhibit a slightly different grow structure.

While cannabis indica is the popular term used, plants can also be referred to as broad leaf cannabis strains.

Cannabis Indica was first classified by biologists in the 18th century, who identified the different morphology (appearance) of cannabis plants growing on the hillsides of Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern India. Indica seeds produce plants whose growth patterns are characterized by shorter, bushier growth and wider leaves.

Most of the commonly used indica genetics come from the Himalayan region where cannabis plants grow naturally on mountain slopes. In places where they are frequently found there is often a cultural attachment, and they have been used for many centuries, often  in a spiritual and medicinal context.

Common characteristics of indica cannabis plants

Cannabis – indica plants achieve a height of around 1 meter in the grow room and are generally more easy to manage than cannabis sativa varieties.

Cannabis – indica plants from indica seeds tend to have a shorter flowering time than sativa cannabis plants, and so are often recommended for outdoor growers that are working in cooler, wetter Autumn conditions. Although more compact in nature, their branches produce a proliferation of flowers (buds) which tend to be chunkier and more dense than those produced by sativa plants.

Interesting facts about Cannabis Indica plants

Cannabis Indica plants are associated with an all body and mind relaxation and are often a  popular ‘night time’ choice). However this is not always the case and within the broad indica seeds category, each strain has its own unique characteristics in relation to taste, effect and resin content.

In terms of growth structure indica plants tend to be shorter and more compact, displaying bushy growth. This also makes them a good option if growroom space is more limited, especially in relation to the height of a cultivation space, as they will rarely grow higher than 100 cm.

The Paradise Seeds blog has good tips to maximize the customer experience post seed purchase and strain performances can be viewed in the Grow Reports section.

Our most popular indica seeds for sale

Paradise Seeds has many different indica seeds for sale. These include award winning classics, which have won numerous cups recognizing their quality, such as Sensi Star (a Paradise legacy strain), Allkush and Durga Mata (a combination of Himalayan genetics  which is recognized as being close to a pure landrace strain).

These award winners have won cups in competitions in Europe, North and South America and more strains like this are available in the Cannabis Cup Winners collection.

In addition to such classic indica varieties Paradise Seeds also has an extensive California Cannabis Seeds Collection which includes several indica strains which have enhanced terpene profiles, thanks to an infusion of ‘Cali genetics’ (ie including popular US based genetics in their lineage).

Popular Californian Collection indica seeds include Sunset Paradise, El Dorado OG, White Noise and Cookies influenced strains (including Space Cookies).

As with all cannabis seeds, customers are advised to check the individual strain descriptions regarding cannabis indica seeds for sale, and to see the suitability for indoor grow space and outdoor environment.

Customers should also check the legal status of cannabis seeds in their nation as legal classification varies in different countries around the world. If you are buying indica seeds, it’s always a good idea to see what varieties we have on sale that month.