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The best quality outdoor cannabis seeds available with good options for a range of outside environments, climates and temperatures.

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Award winning strains from quality outdoor cannabis seeds

Growing outdoor cannabis seeds is a rewarding experience and there is an increasing interest in sun grown weed, especially if it comes from an organic soil. While the practice is certainly not new, with innovations in cannabis genetics and breeding techniques the possibility of growing an outstanding outdoor weed plant is so much more within the reach of an average grower than it was a few years ago. This is particularly true for outdoor cannabis seeds germinated in parts of the world where there are no indigenous weed strains growing.

The genetics of many cannabis plants grown today have legacies which extend right back to original landrace weed strains which grew in parts of Africa, Asia and South America. In these regions climate and growing conditions created the optimum environment for an outdoor weed plant to naturally thrive. Travelers from Europe and the USA back in the days of the Hippie Trail would often return from these landrace locations and try to plant their outdoor weed seeds at home, mostly without much success.

This is why modern cannabis breeding has changed the game, selecting genetic combinations which have created outdoor cannabis seeds which will perform even in more northern regions of Europe and North America. Paradise Seeds has numerous strains, some of them award winning, which are adaptable to a range of temperatures and climate conditions, often with extra resistance qualities to protect against disease and mold, which is typically a problem for the outdoor weed plant. Such plants as Wappa, Tangerine Sorbet and Mendocino Skunk typify strains which thrive from mountain heights to damp coastal climates, along with other versatile varieties in the Hybrid cannabis seeds collection.

The best outdoor weed seeds to buy

The best outdoor cannabis seeds are the ones which are best suited to an individual’s  growing environment and it is important to consider this when making a seed selection. This applies to the growing environment into which the seeds will be planted and the climate involved. While cannabis plants will always respond receptively to strong sunshine, ensuring that there is sufficient water is a major consideration. Meanwhile in outdoor grow spaces, governed by more changeable weather conditions, there are other factors which need to be considered.

For example indica seeds (also known as broad leaf varieties) will grow photoperiod plants which finish a little earlier in the Autumn and so are a safer bet for avoiding issues with mold, but their fat buds are also more susceptible to mold in conditions of high humidity. Good recommendations for outdoor indica seeds are Durga Mata, White Berry and El Dorado OG.
On the other hand, sativa seeds (also known as narrow leaf varieties) will take longer to harvest but thinner buds and less foliage are less conducive to falling victim to mold. Good suggestions for sativa outdoor weed seeds are Jacky White, Belladonna and L.A. Amnesia.

The best outdoor cannabis seeds for growers in northern regions with climates typified by a mix of sunshine, cloud and rain through Summer and Autumn, are often autoflower cannabis seed strains, which have a short flowering cycle allowing growers to maximize the power of the midsummer sun. High performing autoflower strains to consider for growing an impressive outdoor weed plant  are Auto Kong 4, Vertigo Auto and Auto Jack. CBD cannabis seeds will also grow well outside, unless indicated otherwise in the individual strain descriptions.

Maximizing the potential of outdoor cannabis seeds

It should also be pointed out that cheap outdoor weed seeds should be avoided as these will not guarantee the best performance in regards to stability, uniformity and strength of characteristics. Always buy cannabis seeds from a reputable source with a reputation for breeding, such as Paradise Seeds, for this reason.

While cannabis is commonly known as weed, this term suggests that it will grow ‘anywhere’, however even the best outdoor cannabis seeds still need correct treatment in order to produce productive plants. To help beginners, and even serve as a reminder for the more experienced, the website has some very useful grow information.