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Select quality indoor cannabis seeds for using in an indoor grow space to produce big yield plants with full full flavor and desirable end results.

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Exceptional indoor cannabis seeds and high performance strains

Indoor cannabis growers benefit from having complete control over their cultivation environment. Thanks to advances in technology there is a huge choice of grow equipment which allows people to get the most from indoor cannabis seeds.

With so much investment in an indoor weed grow – tent/grow room, lights, filters, fans and grow mediums – why would a person compromise on the quality when they buy indoor weed seeds? An investment in top class seeds will always provide a good return when it comes to harvest time.

Paradise Seeds has a reputation for selling quality indoor cannabis seeds, based on many years experience of breeding cannabis strains.

The Paradise library is extensive, and each individual weed strain has its own detailed description, but as a reflection of its credibility one only has to look at the high number of award winning varieties in the Cannabis Cup Winners collection.

Choose the best indoor cannabis seeds for the indoor grow space

What seeds you sow in an indoor weed grow very much depend on a variety of factors, but a good starting point is to consider the grow environment that they will spend their life in.

Every indoor weed grow space is different and to buy cannabis seeds which will excel in that location requires some thought.

The size of the grow space is a significant factor when considering weed seeds for indoor growing, and especially if there are height restrictions which will mean the unsuitability of plants which grow too tall (such as sativa dominant strains).

The local climate outside the grow space can also impact on growing plants such as intense heat, high humidity levels, significant fluctuations in temperature between seasons. For these reasons, customers should consider which are the best indoor weed seeds to buy for their specific grow space environment.

There are plenty of cannabis seeds to choose from for an indoor weed grow which will also cover all the bases for customers in relation to desired taste and effect. The Paradise Seeds collection is fully stocked with a range of excellent sativa  and indica seeds, which are also sometimes referred to as narrow leaf or broad leaf varieties.

Sativas (narrow leaf) tend to grow taller, whie indicas (broad leaf) tend to grow shorter and be more bushy, which makes them a better fit for a grow space with restricted height. Another popular choice for those buying weed seeds for indoor growing is hybrid varieties which combine the best of sativa and indica.

In addition, the Paradise collection also includes CBD seeds which are suitable for indoor growing. They are often the choice of those growing for medical purposes and especially by those who have no previous experience of cannabis consumption. CBD plants produce the desirable relaxation qualities, without the accompanying psychoactivity – often referred to as the ‘high’ which is associated with cannabis – and this cannabis compound (cannabidiol) has received a great deal of attention from the health and wellness sector.

The best indoor weed grow seeds

The best indoor cannabis seeds to buy will depend on the factors described previously in some detail. While autoflower cannabis seed strains do have their fans for indoor purposes, the focus tends to be on photoperiod strains due to the more extensive yield per square meter ratio.

Popular indoor strains, based on customer choice, include Wappa and Tangerine Sorbet and Mendocino Skunk, which are excellent all rounder hybrids. Other easy management hybrids include the sativa leaning Nebula, the indica leaning Space Cookies and 50/50 Original White Widow IBL. For those seeking sativa seeds for indoor growing, L.A. Amnesia, Delahaze and Rainbow Road are popular choices (although may need some management and training to restrict height). For those who prefer indicas, El Dorado OG, Ice Cream and the classic Sensi Star are all excellent choices as weed seeds for indoor growing. Before customers buy, it is always recommended to check to see what is available on sale.

Frequently Asked Question about Indoor Strains

What's the difference between indoor seeds and outdoor seeds?

There is no actual distinction between indoor and outdoor cannabis seeds. All cannabis seeds can be grown indoors or outdoors. Nevertheless, there are some strains which are better suited to growing outdoors, due to higher levels of resistance to pests and mold. A good example of a strain better suited to outdoors is Wappa.

Which indoor cannabis seeds give the highest yield?

The Wappa range, which includes Mendocino Skunk, Tangerine Sorbet, and Caramba are all popular commercial hybrid varieties.

Big yield sativas which perform well indoors include Chocolate Wafflez, Apricot Candy, and Rainbow Road.

High-yielding indicas include Sweetopia, Purple Mints, and Space Cookies. These strains yield between 550 – 650 grams per m² in an indoor space.

What equipment do I need to start indoor cannabis cultivation?

For novice indoor cannabis cultivation, start with a grow tent. Use energy-efficient LED grow lights for proper lighting. Include an extractor fan to eliminate odors and an internal fan for air circulation. Grow plants in pots with quality soil and use fertilizers. Check our equipment grow guide for more insights.

What are common issues for growing indoor cannabis seeds?

Similarly as to outdoors, issues for growers include nutrient deficiencies, pests and diseases, watering imbalances, and environmental management problems.

For a more detailed explanation of the issues and suggested solutions see our common problems section.

How big a space do I need to grow cannabis indoors?

A minimum of 1m² is the recommended requirement to grow cannabis indoors. Depending on your preference, you can fit many plants in this 1m² (from 1 plant to more than 25 plants).

When choosing a low plant density, to make the best use of the space, have a longer vegetative period with potentially some training.