Jokerz Collection

The Jokerz collection is a variety from our partner in the USA, Compound Genetics, available in Europe since Spannabis 2024

Jokerz #31 emerged as a standout choice among 180 plants meticulously curated at Waverider Nursery in 2020 in the USA. Following rigorous quality assessments, it earned its place within the prestigious Compound Genetics flower brand. In the lead-up to harvest, each phenotype underwent thorough scrutiny, assessing trichome development, plant architecture, and coloration with meticulous attention to detail.

Available are a total of 7 crosses:

Inside Joke (Banana Cream Pop #13 x Jokerz #31)

Goofiez² (Apples and Bananas x Jokerz #31)

Candy Bezels (Eye Candy x Jokerz #31)

Candy Packs (Lemon Cherry Gelato x Jokerz #31)

Strawberry Skrilla (Red Pop x Jokerz #31)

NYC Vapor (NYC Diesel x Jokerz #31)

Glue 31 (Gorilla Glue 4 x Jokerz #31)


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