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Hybrid cannabis seeds provide customers with top class performance, combining chosen characteristics of sativa and indica genetics for the best results.

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Hybrid seeds you can trust

In recent years the popularity of hybrid cannabis has increased exponentially, leading to a constant source of different hybrid weed strains entering the market.

The benefits of hybrid seeds over non-hybrid seeds is that they provide the best of sativa and indica traits in one high performance plant. In photoperiod plants, hybrids tend to be either a 50/50% or a 60/40% combination of indica and sativa genetics and this results in hybrid weed strains which are well balanced and which display key characteristics which are much sought after by customers.

Characteristics which make hybrid weed seeds desirable to growers.

The hybrid concept can be hard to grasp for those who are new to growing cannabis. Customers are more comfortable with the concept of sativa and indica in non-hybrid cannabis seeds descriptions because there are obvious differences between these two subspecies.

With hybrid cannabis seeds these traditional lines have become blurred and for good reason. This is because the best hybrid weed seeds are the result of extensive breeding processes which select the best traits of parent plants to accentuate these features in the new generation.

The Paradise Seeds breeding team, for example, will often choose an indica and a sativa as the parent plants, so that the offspring combines the best aspects of both. To illustrate, this may mean infusing a sativa with indica genetics to create hybrid seeds which display a noticeable sativa effect, but a plant which has a more indica growth pattern.

The result is a hybrid plant which will grow bushier, with branch growth extending outwards rather than upwards (which is typical of a sativa) and may also produce bigger flowers (buds) which are more resemblant of buds grown from indica plants.

The company’s experience in producing hybrid cannabis strains can be judged through the many awards its strains have won over the years, reflected in its Cannabis Cup Winners collection.

Hybrid weed seeds produce desirable cannabis plants

The hybrid cannabis revolution is one which has been gaining pace since the early 2000s and for good reason. Hybrid weed offers an easy to work with solution that makes life easier for cannabis seed customers who like to have it all! Hybrids mean that they no longer have to compromise when choosing what seeds to use.

With traditional non-hybrid seeds, a sativa fan would make a purchase knowing that benefiting from the sativa effect would often come with the downside of longer flowering times and lower harvest yields. However, a sativa leaning hybrid will still bring the uplifting clarity desired, while also providing a quicker finish and more weight to the yield of flowers from a plant.

Hybrids are also popular with customers buying CBD seeds and especially medical growers with specific conditions for whom getting the right balance of effect is a key requirement.

Choose the best hybrid seeds for indoor and outdoor plants

For customers looking for the best hybrid cannabis seeds to perform in an indoor or outdoor setup it is always recommended to buy cannabis seeds from a reputable source.

This ensures well balanced performance and uniformity of plant growth pattern.

Paradise Seeds has been producing high quality and award winning hybrid weed strains since the early 2000s when the breeding team was first attracted to the potential of collecting the best of sativa and indica characteristics and combining them in one well rounded cannabis plant.

Some of the best hybrid cannabis strains in the Paradise collection include Nebula, a sativa leaning classic with many awards and Original White Widow IBL, a 50/50 legacy strain which comes from the original line. Indica leaning hybrids include Space Cookies.

Amongst the Wappa family of hybrids, customers will find high performance plants which include one of Paradise Seeds best selling hybrid seeds, Wappa which is renowned for being easy to grow, highly productive in yield and very popular for its taste and effect.

Other embers of the Wappa family include Mendocino Skunk from the Tommy Chong’s Collection and Tangerine Sorbet from the California Collection.

Paradise Seeds also has an extensive collection of non-hybrid seeds – sativa and indica strains which offer comprehensive product descriptions and suitability for customers specific grow environment.