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FAQ section. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions asked by our customers. To help you, these are grouped in the following sections

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Minimum order for the UK is €100.

    Shipping costs are always charged for shipping to the UK. These costs will be in your
    shopping cart based on a fixed price per shipment. We offer you free shipping for all orders
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    We send out all of our products with Incoterms DDP (Duty Delivery Paid). In this case, there will be no additional import fees for you when the parcel is delivered to you.

    We do not ship to the Channel Islands.

  • You plant cannabis seeds… and harvest cannabis plants! In their natural environment (outdoor) plants will begin to bud when the hours of light and darkness change as the season passes from Summer to Autumn, so flowering takes place between September and November in the Northern hemisphere.

    In an artificial environment (grow room), light management controls the growing (vegetative) and the flowering (budding) stages.

    Typically 18 hours of light / 6 hours of darkness is used to keep a plant in vegetative state for 2 – 4 weeks, before switching the timer to 12 hours of light /12 hours of dark for flowering.

    A good cannabis strain description will give details of expected plant growing times and a guide to when to harvest.

    The exception to this rule is the autoflowering cannabis plant, which will flower automatically, 60 – 75 days after the seed has been planted. The reason for this ‘auto’ behaviour is the presence of cannabis ruderalis genes in the strain.

    This short, stubby cannabis plant naturally grows in the Arctic Circle and has adapted its behaviour to live through 24 hour daylight during the summer. By harnessing these genes, cannabis breeders have developed a plant that is shorter in stature and quick to finish without a rigid light/dark hours program.

  • NEVER give nutrients to cannabis seeds! In the early stages of cannabis plant growth, just as with any plant, nature will do its own thing.

    From seed to seedling stage, a plant is delicate and does not need extra nutrients in addition to those it is taking from a good potting soil. When the plant has established itself, and is experiencing rapid growth during the vegetative stage, is the time to introduce nutrients to the feeds (extending this program through the flowering stage).

    There are many nutrient products available for the grower to buy and a good manufacturer will provide a guide to dosage and frequency for different stages of growth.

  • Cannabis seeds will grow like any other plant so long as they have the right conditions to thrive in. The key ingredient is light.

    For outdoor growers who want to know how to grow cannabis seeds, this means daylight and sunshine. In an indoor grow space, the grower is in complete control of the environment and will use the grow lights to simulate this natural change in light/dark hours.

    As the plant gets established, and is growing to fulfil its potential, controlling humidity (or, in the case of outdoor growing, minimising its effect) is another key factor to prevent mold forming on cannabis plants in the later stages. A clean grow environment also minimises the risk of plants being affected by pests and diseases.

  • If you have an indoor grow setup, such as a grow room or grow tent, then you can grow cannabis seeds all year round. If you are growing outdoor cannabis then it really depends where in the world you live (cannabis seed guides will often refer to regional latitudes).

    Each region, as well as climate conditions will produce different grow environments and provide distinctive challenges for the cannabis grower. As a rule, cannabis seeds are planted outside in May and harvested between September and the end of October in the Northern hemisphere (in the Southern hemisphere cannabis seeds are planted in September and harvested in March). Paradise Seeds has comprehensive guides to growing in the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere.

    Cannabis plants are notoriously versatile plants! For thousands of years they have grown wild in parts of Asia, Africa and South America. Feminized cannabis seeds will reward today’s outdoor cannabis grower with a rewarding yield in most regions of the world. If growing indoors, even the smallest area can be converted into a convenient grow space and there are plenty of grow tent products on the market to fit most spaces. For those growers with space restrictions, there are specific cannabis strains that are naturally shorter in height and autoflowering varieties will fit into the tiniest of spaces.

  • No. Cannabis seeds require darkness to germinate. Cannabis growers need to follow nature’s path, even though they are artificially germinating seeds.

    It is commonly known that you plant a seed in soil and cover it before it starts to grow, so it is important to take this lesson and adapt the principle to the germination methods described above.

  • If you place cannabis seeds in a glass of water to germinate, sometimes they float, sometimes they don’t! So don’t worry if they do sink, they will not drown.

    However ungerminated seeds run the risk of developing rot in the taproot, which is why after 36 hours you should remove them. For this same reason, with the tissue paper method it is important that the paper is moist and not submerged under water.

    Always follow the Goldilocks rule – Not too wet, not too dry, just moist!

  • To germinate feminized cannabis seeds and start growing, you don’t need any specialised equipment apart from a plant pot and a sunny windowsill! However, if you are interested in how to grow cannabis indoors then the growing process requires some basic equipment.

    A new grower will need a grow space (convert a cupboard or buy a grow tent), light/s (research whether HPS or LED is the best option for your space) and a timer, an extractor fan and carbon filter to take away the smell, fans for air movement inside the space, a grow medium (eg soil) pots and trays (to catch water leakage).

  • Most marijuana strains sold these days are in the form of feminized cannabis seeds.

    Difference between feminized and regular cannabis seeds?

    These were first developed by breeders in the early 2000s and quickly became popular with cannabis growers.

    A batch of regular cannabis seeds may include both male and female plants, requiring the grower to ‘sex’ the plant and throw away the males during growth in order to prevent them from pollinating females (which will force them to produce seeds instead of flowers/buds). With feminized seeds, every seed in a batch will produce a female plant that will only produce flowers.

  • There is no definitive answer to this! A better question is what kind of cannabis do you want to grow?

    Those who are looking for an uplifting/energetic effect will choose a sativa strain, while those looking for a more relaxing/heavy effect prefer an indica strain. Most new growers are also looking for a cannabis strain that is easy to manage, forgiving of grower’s mistakes and rewarding in yield, such as Wappa or Durga Mata.

    Whatever cannabis seeds you choose, always ensure that they buy them from a trusted and reliable source. An established cannabis seed company, such as Paradise Seeds, will produce strains through its in-house breeding program.

    This ensures cannabis seeds come with high germination rates (in the case of Paradise this is 95%+) and stable genetics (which will produce plants as advertised). Like everything, you pay a bit more, but in return you get a guarantee of quality.

  • We ship cannabis seeds to private customers within the EU and to the UK only.

    Shipping information for UK customers

    • Minimum order for the UK is €100.
    • Shipping costs are always charged for shipping to the UK. These costs will be in your shopping cart based on a fixed price per shipment.
    • We offer you free shipping for all orders to the UK over € 150.
    • We send out all of our products DDP (Duty Delivery Paid).
    • In this case, there will be no additional import fees for you when the parcel is delivered to you.

    If you are a customer from outside the EU or UK and would like to order Paradise Seeds, please contact us by email in order to receive a list of resellers that send worldwide.

  • With Paradise Seeds you can pay securely online through

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    All these payments are handled by our payment providers

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  • No. Customers should be aware of the legal situation in their country regarding cannabis growing for personal/non-personal use.

    We cannot be held responsible for the actions of customers and third parties.

    Buying seeds and cultivating them is an activity that is always carried out at the customer’s own risk.

    Please make sure that you check the disclaimer page here.

  • If you have a complaint regarding your order, please contact us via email –

    We will need your order details (please make sure that you include your order number) and we may ask for other proof in regards to your complaint, such as packaging and product images.

  • You can make a payment as a “guest”, or you can make an account.
    If you choose to pay as a guest, fill in the necessary details.

    These details will not be saved from the Paradise Seeds end.

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  • Yes, we guarantee delivery (on orders within the EU + UK ). 

    If a parcel gets lost, Paradise Seeds will replace the parcel.

  • Mold is one of the most common problems that cannabis growers experience, especially those who are growing outdoor plants.

    While mold can destroy a crop, there are measures you can take to help  prevent it which are included in our blog article here.

  • Do you want to check your Paradise Seeds order status? We have the most frequently asked questions about order status in this section of our FAQs.

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  • With nearly 40 strains to choose from we have a variety for every taste and every set of growing circumstances! However, there are some strains which stand out for their popularity.

    These are Sensi Star and El Dorado OG

    (Indicas), Rainbow Road and L.A. Amnesia.

    (Sativas), Wappa.

    (Hybrid), Auto Kong 4.

    (Autoflower) and Durga Mata II CBD (CBD-rich).

  • Paradise Seeds has a good reputation for the number of strains in its collection which provide the kind of easy management novice growers are looking for.

    However, we recommend choosing from the following strains which offer good options for beginners:

    From the feminized seed collection we suggest Sensi Star and Ice Cream

    (indicas), L.A. Amnesia

    (sativa), Mendocino Skunk, Original White Widow and Wappa (both hybrids).

    From the autoflower collection we suggest Auto Jack or Pandora.

  • Are you working with a restricted grow space? No problem! We have a number of strains that are well suited to growing in small spaces.

    From our feminized seed collection two great small space options are Wappa and Mendocino Skunk, which provide very easy management.

    Autoflower strains are also an ideal option for small spaces – Auto Whiteberry and Auto Wappa are two superb recommendations.

  • Yes we do! We have six CBD strains, specially developed for richer flavours and terpene profiles, which carry less than 1% THC. These strains are very well suited for medical users and low THC recreational users.

    These strains are CBDrelief, CBDelightCBDrelax, CBDenergy, CBDream and CBDivine.

  • Paradise Seeds has developed a number of sativa strains which have enhanced levels of strength.

    Three of our recommended strains for those who like extra potency in their sativa are Jacky White, Atomical Haze and L.A. Amnesia.

  • Paradise Seeds established its reputation in the 1990s with Sensi Star, a strain described by High Times as ‘one of the strongest Indicas you will ever encounter’.

    Other recommendations for indica fans looking for potency are our original Durga MataCalifornian Gold and Ice Cream.

  • We have some big hitting varieties in sativa, indica and autoflower forms.

    For a high yield sativa we suggest Delahaze, Dutch Dragon and Rainbow Road.

    If you are an indica fan looking for a big harvest then we suggest Dutch Kush, El Dorado OG or Space Cookies.

    A great high yield autoflower option is Auto Kong 4.

Cannabis seedling first leaves image from PH: Scotty Frey

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