Luc Krol

Luc Krol

As the founder of Paradise Seeds, I have always been highly involved in the breeding of our beloved cannabis varieties. Since I started growing cannabis in the early 1980’s, it has always been my aim to select the very best genetics. This has resulted in a solid strain base which is the cornerstone of Paradise Seeds’ work. Only selecting and crossing the most potent cannabis (marijuana) plants with the finest, sweet taste has led to the creation of the powerful connoisseur strains we offer today. The quality you get with our cannabis seeds is that of the finest cannabis currently available on the market.


Paradise Seeds was founded in 1994. Around that time, in Amsterdam, many coffeeshops started to sell imported hash from India, Afghanistan or Morocco and weed from Thailand, Colombia, Mexico or Malawi. Most of this was of poor quality. But things were changing, new types were introduced from the U.S that were early crossbreeds of higher quality. This is when we got involved in the early research for better quality strains.

This took place in Amsterdam and at several outdoor locations in Holland. Our aim was to create better cannabis (marijuana), with a sweet / spicy taste and stronger effect, for our own use.

This resulted in several new varieties and the cannabis seeds were given to a number of people to grow. Due to early pioneers such as ourselves, Dutch cannabis became the best in the world and growing got much more popular. Also many foreign people realized Dutch cannabis was of the highest quality.

They took seeds home, to grow for personal use. At that time our seeds found their way to the people at a local coffeeshop in Amsterdam.

The demand increased and what started as research and experiments for personal knowledge became ‘Paradise Seeds’, a reputable seed bank, for growers that demand only genuine and finest quality cannabis seeds (marijuana seeds).

How we work

Our cannabis seeds are organically produced and contain all the necessary trace elements for a good start. We work with strict criteria regarding the pollination of our plants. Our pollination rooms are secure so that no stray pollen from other male plants can find their way into our select stock. Pollen filters are used in all our grow rooms. As the moment of pollination is very important, we carefully schedule all pollinations to prevent seeds of inferior quality. After the production of seeds, we select only the best seeds by hand, and leave out the premature and non-fertile ones. We then test these seeds on viability and germination. This way we can guarantee you will always get fresh, living seeds that are sure to grow top-quality plants.

Paradise Seeds guarantees a 95% germination rate, if the growing conditions are right.

See our cannabis growing page to read about the best conditions to germinate cannabis seeds.

About the quality of our cannabis seeds

The cannabis seeds you get from Paradise are the real deal! They will produce the exact same quality strains you can read about in our descriptions and see in our photos for that specific variety. We don’t sell second-best. Some people believe that the cannabis seeds they buy are not originals. This may be true of some seed vendors who sell copies of renowned strains. But you can be assured that from us, you will receive genuine seeds that are the very same we have used to win numerous cannabis cups over the years!

More than 50 cups have been won by Paradise Seeds in several cannabis cups since 1999, as well as some honorable mentions, such as Plant of the Year 2003 for Sensi Star (High Times magazine).

This is why we proudly state that from our seeds you can obtain end products of the finest potency, taste and quality. Cannabis cups are not the only proof of this – so are the hundreds of customer reports we receive each year that speak highly of our cannabis strains.

Most of our varieties are strong, vigorous F1 cannabis hybrids, the result of crossing stable strains.

All Paradise Seeds cannabis seeds have been developed for cultivating in an indoor grow setup, and our strain descriptions give guidance on their suitability for the size of space you are working with. Our cannabis strains can also be grown outdoors, and again our detailed strain descriptions will give you some indication of what will work in your part of the world. To ensure the best outdoor results select suitable cannabis strains for your particular circumstances.


Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabinol (CBD) are the two best known compounds of the cannabis plant. They are known as ‘cannabinoids’ and while these two are the most prominent, the cannabis plant contains over 100 different cannabinoids.

THC is a psychoactive element and is responsible for the mind and body sensation which is often described as a “high” or “buzz”. CBD is the opposite and is the cannabis compound responsible for the “relaxing” and “calming” cannabis effect.

The higher the level of THC there is in a plant, the stronger its active effect. Those cannabis users who do not enjoy this effect, or who are using cannabis for medicinal purposes will prefer CBD rich strains which have much lower (and sometimes minimal) THC levels.

The THC percentages given for strains are estimations. Since the plants are never grown under exactly the same conditions, the THC percentage can differ even in the same strains, but should always range between the given estimations.

While the CBD percentages given for strains are also estimations, the percentages of THC in CBD Rich strains should not exceed the stated levels. Paradise Seeds has 1:1 THC/CBD ratio plants and also high CBD/Low CBD plants, so check that the ratio is correct for your needs before purchasing.

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