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Paradise Seeds has an exclusive California cannabis seeds collection which showcases Californian genetics with heightened flavor and potency.

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One of the biggest trends in the cannabis industry in recent years has been the huge appeal of California weed (also known as Cali weed).

The USA’s Golden State has been associated for many years with the production of quality California marijuana and the legalization process has taken the sector to new heights in terms of the variety and quality available. This is why Paradise Seeds provides a comprehensive choice of seeds for growers to grow weed California style!

The cannabis California grows is renowned for having a complexity of terpene profile and also having a desirable potency in terms of effect. However, many of the popular Cali strains are not renowned for yielding huge harvests and for this reason the Paradise Seeds collection includes California cannabis strains which combine the genetics of some classic strains to provide an additional boost in yield production, for example strains such as Space Cookies, White Noise and Apricot Candy.

The California Cannabis Seeds Collection by Paradise Seeds has been recognized for its superior quality with cannabis cups and awards for Cali strains such as the indica dominant Sunset Paradise, and the sativa dominant Chocolate Wafflez.

California weed history and what makes it different

What makes California cannabis different? Over the years California has amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding cannabis breeding, which is evident in the richness of the Cali strains being produced in the Twenty First century.

While marijuana is grown throughout the state of California, the region known as the Emerald Triangle is steeped in cannabis breeding history. It is located in the north and combines the iconic California weed counties of Humboldt, Trinity and Mendocino.

The area became a popular destination for counter culture elements in the 1960s and 1970s, who were drawn to its remoteness and great weed growing environment.

This homegrown weed California has grown over the years has laid the foundations for the success of today. While these traits are desirable, there is also a long history of working with Dutch cannabis breeders, in the exchange of seeds, clones and knowledge.

Consequently, the weed California produces has absorbed influences from the European cannabis scene over the years and this is reflected in the heritage of the genetics of many Cali strains.

Now prized around the world, California cannabis seeds produce well balanced cannabis plants which are more hybrid in their nature (often with a leaning towards a more indica or sativa dominant characteristic).

The best California cannabis seeds

Within the general category of California cannabis on the Paradise website, there is the niche Tommy Chong’s Collection, which features strains which have been developed in collaboration with the cannabis legend, and so-called Godfather of stoner comedy.

Tommy Chong is himself a native of California and this collection represents the meeting of some of his favorite Cali strain genetics with genetics from the Netherlands.

This has produced very popular varieties such as the powerful sativa L.A. Amnesia and high performance hybrid, Mendocino Skunk. To see all the strains related to the cannabis activist, check out the Tommy Chong’s Collection page.

Paradise Seeds has many connections with the California cannabis community and in the company’s early years founder and breeder Luc Krol was involved in the exchange of genetics with California breeders.

The company has been building up its own collection of California cannabis seeds over recent years and celebrated the California legalization date with the release of Californian Gold.  customers can find an extensive range of Cali strain seeds across feminized photoperiod and autoflower categories. In addition to the award winning Sunset Paradise (which is an indica dominant strain) and Chocolate Wafflez the Cali collection includes the hybrid Tangerine Sorbet, which is the ‘American cousin’ of one of Paradise’s most popular strains, Wappa.

Tommy Chong’s Collection (which also reflects the California vibes seeing as the state is home to the cannabis legend) includes the hugely popular sativa, L.A. Amnesia, hybrid, Mendocino Skunk and autoflower, Auto Kong 4.

Interesting information about California cannabis

In California weed is legal for medical and recreational consumption and this has been the case since voters backed a change of law in 2016 and two years later (in January 2018), California marijuana consumers were able to legally purchase cannabis across the state.

The weed California dispensaries retail to customers is represented by a wide selection of different strains and has eclipsed Amsterdam’s coffeeshop scene in terms of consumer choice. For those living outside California (or the Netherlands), the choice may not be so extensive, but the quality is most definitely consistent with plants grown from California marijuana strain seeds.

As with all the products found in the feminized seeds finest collection produced by Paradise Seeds, the quality is characterized by strength, defined terpene profile and growth uniformity and stability.

Frequently Asked Question about US Strains

What makes cannabis seeds from the USA (Cali strains) unique?

USA cannabis seeds, and in particular Californian (or Cali) cannabis varieties have enjoyed increasing popularity in the past few years. USA cannabis strains such as Cookies and Gelato set the trend.

The uniqueness is based on the potency of US strains, but also the heightened range of terpenes which these strains exhibit, bringing more refinement to the flavor of these cannabis strains.

Can you grow US/Californian strains indoor and outdoor?

Californian strains can be grown in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Are Paradise Californian strain seeds as good as seeds from the USA?

Yes! You don’t have to go to the USA for good quality US and Californian strains.

Rather like a Pinot Grigio wine which originates in Italy but is now produced around the world (including California), the same is true with Californian cannabis strains.

Are Californian strains high yield?

Californian cannabis strains are recognized for having a good yield.

The region’s optimal climate and somewhat legal status contribute to good plant selection procedures, resulting in improvements on potency, plant morphology, terpene levels, and/or yields.

Do Californian strains have better terpenes?

One of the big attractions about Californian strains is the sophistication of the terpene profile. Cali strains have been bred to deliver more taste to the user’s palate, with interesting nuances to the flavor.

What is considered an exotic strain?

A common definition of an exotic weed strain is one that stands out from the crowd with a unique look, smell, and taste as well as significant potency (THC levels of 20%+). The term is often applied to Californian strains in Europe.