Great quality cannabis merchandise for fans of Paradise Seeds and customers who want to add value to their cannabis experience.

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High Quality Cannabis Merchandise

Paradise Seeds sells some of the best cannabis seeds that you can buy! It also sells a great selection of cannabis merchandise and cannabis accessories. This includes a range of Paradise Seeds clothing and also all the essential ingredients to enhance the enjoyment of the finished flowers grown from cannabis seeds.

The Paradise Seeds cannabis merchandise range includes exclusive original clothing designs as well as garments decorated with the Paradise Seeds logo. As well as clothing, Paradise Seeds has some nicely branded accessories which are also produced with quality and practicality in mind.

 Stylish Cannabis Merchandise Clothing

The distinctive Paradise Seeds logo appears on a number of cannabis merchandise items including men’s cannabis clothing garments, women’s marijuana clothing and unisex cannabis clothing options.  Plain logo garments are popular with customers as the stylish branding is produced in different color combinations. There are one color (black or white or gold) prints and 3 color prints (black/white/gold) depending on customer preference. These are printed on a selection of good quality t-shirts and hoodies (hooded sweatshirts) so Paradise fans can stay looking sharp in any season!

The hard wearing designs are produced with water based inks which have a lower environmental impact than many traditional garment printing ink products. For those who don’t like big logos, the Paradise range of cannabis merchandise also includes more subtle chest print branding on t-shirts.

In addition to branded Paradise Seeds logo t-shirts and hoodies, the clothing range include some exclusive prints produced by the artists studio Plazma Lab including customized designs which reflect the rich heritage of individual strains such as Opium, Belladonna and Durga Mata. Women’s marijauana clothing, men’s cannabis clothing and unisex cannabis clothing designs are printed on organic cotton t-shirts and include fitted women’s t-shirts and tank tops.

Another popular item in the Paradise Seeds merchandise collection is a selection of cannabis caps, produced in collaboration with the hat and apparel brand Grassroots California from the USA. A selection of snapback baseball caps – featuring subtle and more extrovert designs which reflect the Paradise Seeds heritage (a choice of logo or homage to best selling cannabis variety, Sensi Star) are popular collectable cannabis clothing items. The added special feature to these caps is a secret stash pocket which is hard enough to find by the person wearing it, never mind anyone else doing a search! Many happy customers have endorsed these cannabis caps as being ideal for strolling the streets without fear of a shakedown!

 Paradise Seeds merchandise useful cannabis accessories

Paradise Seeds is a great place to stock up on good quality cannabis accessories, with a great selection of weed grinders and rolling paper products. A cannabis grinder is an essential piece of equipment for any cannabis consumer and customers can buy a grinder in various different sizes and designs (2 -4 piece cannabis grinders) with the Paradise Seeds logo.  Not only does Paradise Seeds sell these useful tools, but it has some useful tips and guidance about how to care for cannabis grinders too!

Another essential item on the cannabis accessories list is rolling papers and Paradise has a full range of smoking papers which are customized with designs that reflect individual strains and the Paradise Seeds heritage. In the cannabis rolling paper genre, Paradise is always interested in products which offer something different to the consumer, such as a magnet locking system which ensures papers are protected in the pocket! For customers making cannabis seed purchases, a cheap cannabis accessory addition to the order is always a useful item to have around!

Paradise Seeds merchandise and cannabis accessories are a great way to represent the brand and be seen to be a member of the Paradise Seeds family! The reputation for quality extends from best-selling (and award winning) weed strains to cannabis clothing and accessories which combine practical quality with classy design.