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The benefits of autoflower cannabis seeds

There are many advantages to growing autoflower cannabis seeds which is why they are so popular with customers. Reasons that people buy autoflower seeds include a limited grow space, assured performance in a short summer season and the convenience of a small and discreet plant which can grow just about anywhere.

Autoflower weed seeds behave very differently to photoperiod feminized seeds which are dependent on changing hours of light to induce flowering. In an indoor environment this is achieved by changing the light cycle, while outdoors it happens when hours of daylight begin to reduce in the late summer and early Autumn.

By comparison autoflower cannabis seeds produce plants which flower regardless of light and therefore from seed to harvest is a process which takes between 70 and 80 days. Plants from the best autoflower seeds – those seeds which have been bred for stability and performance – may have a smaller growth pattern than photoperiod plants, but there is minimal compromise in terms of characteristics and desirable traits.

Quality indoor and outdoor autoflower cannabis seeds

Autoflower weed seeds are increasingly in popularity all the time. Paradise Seeds was one of the first seed companies to experiment and develop autoflower seeds in the early 2000s and the quality of the plants has improved substantially.

Today, the buds (flowers) of autoflower plants can compete with any photoperiod plant in terms of appearance and quality. Improvements in breeding techniques have also improved performance in relation to higher yields, a better spectrum of terpene profiles and effects.

Autoflower weed seeds offer a choice of plants that mirror photoperiod varieties which can be categorized as sativa, indica or hybrid strains.

The added ingredient in the genetic mix of autoflower seeds is the genes of cannabis ruderalis, a member of the cannabis family which is found growing wild in northern regions of the world and as high up as the Arctic Circle. Botanists believe that cannabis ruderalis  adapted its behavior in order to survive the long winters and short summers which are filled with long daylight hours.

This unique biological clock, the result of evolution in nature, is what makes outdoor autoflower seeds such a popular choice with gardeners, especially in cooler, wetter (often northern) regions of the world where summers are shorter.

The quick flowering nature of auto seeds means that the plant can benefit from the strength of the midsummer sun and be harvested early in order to escape the unsettled weather of Autumn/Fall. Many gardeners with experience of working with outdoor autoflower seeds are able to plan for two, three or even more harvests in a summer by sowing in succession. There is no such thing as specific outdoor autoflower seeds, but most auto varieties are good candidates to consider for those customers wishing to purchase outdoor cannabis seeds.

How to choose the best autoflower cannabis seeds

Beginners always ask the question ‘what are the best autoflower seeds to buy? ’but there is no simple answer to this. Good advice for customers is to avoid buying cheap autoflower seeds from a company which does not have a good reputation.

The best autoflower seeds will always come from a company which has an established breeding program, such as Paradise Seeds. The company was one of the first companies to produce auto cannabis seeds and has been breeding autoflower varieties for almost 20 years. So if the source is a good one, then the best auto seeds are those which carry the characteristics a customer finds desirable in a plant.

For some people, autoflower weed seeds such as Stromboli Auto are preferred because they provide a big harvest, while a plant such as Lemonade Auto delivers a terpene experience which is favored by those who place importance on taste. Many of the Paradise Seeds autoflower seeds options provide a nice all-round combination of good yield, interesting taste and balanced effect. For sativa aficionados Auto Jack is a great choice, while Pandora is a good choice for those who prefer indica strains.

The Paradise Seeds Autoflower Collection also includes some excellent hybrids including the versatile and very popular Auto Wappa, Auto Kong 4 and Vertigo Auto. Those looking for cheap autoflower seeds (but with real quality) should check out the On Sale section of the website.

Frequently Asked Question about Autoflowering Seeds

Can I grow autoflower seeds indoors and outdoors?

Autoflower seeds can be grown indoors and outdoors. Nevertheless, autoflowers are particularly popular with outdoor growers. In more northern regions of the world where summers are short they are grown to maximize the potential of the midsummer sun. In other regions, outdoor growers prize the potential of multiple outdoor harvests in summer through successional planting.

How long does it take for autoflower cannabis strains to flower?

Autoflowering strains transition from vegetative growth to the flowering stage automatically, without the need for a specific light cycle change. Typically, this change happens within 2-5 weeks of growth. This inherent feature significantly shortens the overall time from seed to harvest, often completing the cycle in just 8-11 weeks. Consequently, this enables multiple harvests within a single season.

What yields can I expect from autoflower varieties?

The yield per plant varies, depending on the strain. As vegetative growth is predetermined with autoflowering strains, this limits the size the plant can reach, which in turn restricts the yield. To get the best out of the plant, put it under 18-24 hours of light per day. On average, you can expect between 75 grams to 150 grams per plant.

What THC% can I expect from autoflower varieties?

THC percentage in autoflower strains typically ranges between 14 to 24%. We recommend checking the strain information to get an estimation of the cannabinoid contents.

To get the most out of the plant, you can autoflowers don’t require a light cycle change to induce flowering. This means that the vegetative light cycle can be used during flowering, meaning, they thrive under 18-24 hours of light per day.