Compound Genetics

Compound Genetics has built a strong reputation for its premium quality collections, which include several award-winning strains like Jet Fuel Gelato, The Menthol, and Apples & Bananas.

Paradise Seeds is happy to have teamed up with Compound Genetics through a collaboration to supply Europe with exceptional genetics.

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Compound Genetics has established a strong reputation for providing high-quality cannabis collections since its inception in 2017. Its unique and exclusive library of cannabis genetics has enabled it to create award-winning strains like Jet Fuel Gelato, The Menthol, Apples & Bananas and White Runtz. The company’s ‘Flavours by Design’ motto is a testament to its passion and dedication to creating exceptional cannabis expressions.

Through successful collaborations with Runtz and Cookies in the US, Compound Genetics has now teamed up with Paradise Seeds to expand its operations in Europe. Initially, introducing three strains in Europe, High Society, Marshmallow OG, and La Bomba, with Jet Fuel Gelato as their parent strain. The latest batch of strains includes Double Stack, Luxar-Dos, and Slipstream, which continue to build on the legacy of Jet Fuel Gelato and offer an extensive range of elite varieties.