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Zen like high CBDrelax content cannabis strain which brings a sense of calm and soothing meditation alongside sweet and sour scent and flavor.

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  • 50THC

    50% Indica 50% Sativa




  • Neurologic-Effect

    Calming, Soothing

  • Taste Smell

    Sour, Sweet

  • Yield Time

    60 Days

You will earn 20-50 Paradise Points!
You will earn 20-50 Paradise Points!

Zen Power… CBDrelax has its name for a very good reason. This high CBD cannabis hybrid (50% sativa/50%indica) delivers the ultimate in relaxing experiences, with one of the lowest THC counts of any Paradise Seed strain (0.4% THC / 15% CBD). This means keeping a clear head while benefiting from ultimate relaxation for the body.


This high CBD CBDrelax

Popular with medical users for whom relaxation brings soothing relief for the body, CBDrelax is also a popular choice for recreational users who are seeking a sense of calm. The Zen like effect makes this strain perfect for meditation and the practice of yoga and other mindful arts.

CBDrelax is one of a new generation of CBD high cannabis varieties developed by Paradise Seeds, which are infused with genetics from the Paradise strain library. CBDrelax retains a richness of flavor, often missing from CBD flower varieties – in this case a wonderful sweet and sour for the senses.


  • Fast finish
  • Distinctive terpene and flavonoid profiles
  • Impressive yield
  • 15% CBD / 0.4% THC

Suitable for growing outside between 50º n.L. and 50º s.L., CBDrelax will finish at the end of September outdoors (n.L.) / end of March (s.L.) and after 8 – 9 weeks indoors. Estimated yield is 450 grams per m² indoors / 300 grams per plant outdoors.

2 reviews for CBDrelax

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  2. rawherb

    Trouble free growing. Great looking plant with large solid buds. The terpene profile is excellent, definite lemon/citrus smell. Tried this in the vape and the citrus /floral taste was amazing. Definite sense of zen, immediately relaxing and calming effects. Excellent for stress, anxiety and works wonders on high blood pressure. I’ve grown many cbd plants, this is one of the best without doubt

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