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Auto Kong 4

Auto Kong 4 an explosive autoflower that comes with the Tommy Chong seal of approval. This hybrid beast harnesses
great power, yield and genetic stability.

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indica sativa ratio

Indica: 60%

Sativa: 40%






THC Potency

THC Potency: 20%





  • Neurologic-Effect


  • Indoor

    125 cm
    450 Gr

  • Taste Smell

    Lemon, Sweet

  • Yield Time

    65 Days

King of the Swingers… Auto Kong is a real jungle VIP strain. The first autoflower to join our Tommy Chong’s™ collection, this hybrid combines full blooded potency with Empire State sized yields.

This is the Paradise Seeds spin on the tremendously potent GG4 (formerly known as Gorilla Glue), a California inspired strain that comes with the stamp of approval from cannabis legend, Tommy Chong, and a healthy pinch of Dutch breeding sophistication.

  • It began with an original GG4 cutting from the USA, which was backcrossed over 4 generations and combined with Pandora, our original Autoflower which is prized for its genetic stability.

    We then backcrossed the plant until we achieved the phenotypes we were looking for. Unusually for Paradise, we chose two phenotypes to focus on – one leaning towards sativa dominance, the other towards an indica dominance.

    GG4 is of course the strain formerly known as Gorilla Glue which earned a worldwide reputation for its extreme potency and ability to literally glue the user to the couch.

    Pandora meanwhile is one of Paradise’s original Autos and also renowned around the world for its fast finish and big harvest potential. The result, Auto Kong 4, is a beast in all departments.

  • Of the two phenotypes, the indica pheno scent has more of sweetness to it (the Pandora influence), while the sativa pheno is characterized by a lemony/acidic fragrance and taste that is more in keeping with the traditional GG4.

    When it comes to the taste department, Auto Kong 4 produces layers of sweetness, fuel and a pleasant sourness.

  • Difficulty Level: Medium

    Indoors: In the indoor grow setup, Auto Kong is easy to grow and flexes very impressive muscles in the bud department, especially in the hands of experienced cultivators.

    It produces huge dense colas that display all the characteristics that made GG4 such an instant hit. Incredibly sticky, the resin count is off the scale, with glue literally dripping off the heavyweight flowers produced by this hybrid beast.

    Outdoors: Outside it will also do well, thanks to the in-built auto high performance that comes from the Pandora element.

    The Sativa dominant pheno will produce plants which stretch a little more (up to 150 cm), while the indica dominant pheno will produce shorter (120 cm), more bushy plants. Both phenotypes deliver the same gigantic nuggets.

  • The nuggets produced from this plant’s huge sticky colas are covered in orange hairs.

    Any fingers used to squeeze a bud will have to be prized apart due to the amounts of sticky goo these buds produce.

    Indoor Yield: 450 grams per m²
    Outdoor Yield: 50+ grams per plant

  • Recreational: Potency runs through the heart of this strain but it is not a destructive power and the genetic mix ensures that this will never be the couch gum effect that is associated with the original GG4.

    Instead there is an uplifting, racing euphoria which brings energy followed by a relaxing landing as the Pandora factor comes into effect.

    Medical: For medical users accustomed to THC power, this strain has proved to be a hit. It provides targeted relaxation for body pains and a clarity of mind which allows for all day use.

  • Suitable for growing outside between 50º n.L. and 50º s.L., Auto Kong 4 cannabis seeds produce plants that will finish in 9 – 10 weeks after seed germination outdoors and 8 -9 weeks indoors. Estimated yield is 450 grams per m² indoors / 50+ grams per plant outdoors.

Auto Kong 4 Tames the Northern European Summer

Released in the summer of 2019, Auto Kong 4 was the highly anticipated autoflower addition to Paradise Seeds’ popular Tommy Chong’s collection. Unsurprisingly, big things were expected of this ‘beast’ of strain plant, which comes with the seal of approval from the cannabis legend himself.

Auto Kong 4 is the result of breeding an original cutting of GG4 (formerly known as Gorilla Glue) from the USA, which Paradise Seeds backcrossed and combined with its classic Pandora auto plant. Unusually for Paradise, this plant was advertised as having two phenotypes – with distinctive Indica and Sativa elements.

So the question was, how would Auto Kong 4 perform in a greenhouse during a typical northern European summer (51 – 52° latitude), in a region with particularly high humidity?

Germination and Vegetative Stage

Two beans were cracked in early April and placed in a glass of chlorine free water and germinated within two days. As the northern European Spring still had a touch of winter about it, the seedlings spent three weeks under LEDs (18/4) to give them a head start.

Both showed rapid growth and were planted out at a height of 18cm and 22cm, direct in pre-prepared ground. Both plants displayed rapid growth from the start, with healthy deep green colored leaves with a distinctive ‘jagged’ appearance to the edges.

During the veg stage it became apparent that these two seeds were indeed different phenotypes, with the Sativa dominant pheno taking off like a rocket in the May sunshine.

Flowering Stage

At around day 33, both plants started to flower (standing at heights of 63 cm and 43 cm).  They continued to display impressive growth, exhibiting a distinctive upside down umbrella shape, with the plants’ main stem rising upwards from a radius of upwardly pointing side branches.

The main stem of the Sativa phenotype accelerated into a tall central spire with 6 generously equipped side branches radiating from the base. Over the coming weeks, flower development on this ‘spire’ was rapid, the top third filling out with dense colas. Buds concentrated around the stem formed an upward spiral so thick that the cluster resembled one big bud while side branches pumped out numerous smaller, but very weighty, buds.

Meanwhile, the Indica phenotype stretched far less while showing a similar reverse umbrella shape. Its main stem produced a huge bulbous head inside a spiky sugar leaf crown with a superb formation of puffer fish buds, all swollen and spiky, covering the main stem below.

Both plants seemed to go into trichome overdrive as the two month period approached, and this was accompanied by a delicious sweet lemony aroma, underscored with notes of perfume and even a hashy hint from the Sativa pheno, while the Indica pheno’s scent was less sweet but far deeper in its limonene tones.

In the last 10 days both plants really filled out, the minimal leaf cover exposing those bud sites to maximum sunshine.  As the trichome frost intensified so too did the brightness of the orange pistils sprouting from big fat buds, now extending like chubby gorilla fingers.

Harvested after 73 days of flowering, the plants were 94cm (Sativa phenotype) and 63cm (Indica phenotype) in height.

Harvest Yield

The combined yield from both plants was 168 gms.

 Smell and Taste Report

After drying out for 8 days the buds went into jars to be cured and emerged three weeks later (minus a few testers!) for a smell and taste test. Dried and cured they emerged firm and emanating the sumptuous aroma of sweetness and lemon. First impressions, these buds were a match for anything a feminized plant could produce. Hard to the touch, the squeeze test left the fingers tacky with a heavy trace of that infamous simian glue!

Rolled into a classic American style joint (no tobacco) the first puff flooded the mouth with a sweet citrus sensation. After the second and third inhalations, the taste was underscored by a pleasant fuel driven sourness, reminiscent of the best Diesel strains. The accentuated flavor flowing from this organic, sun grown Auto Kong 4 was pure pleasure as the see-saw of terpenes danced along the palate.

With just three puffs a sudden relaxation went straight to the head, focusing above the eyes. Heavy, but pleasantly so, the first charge of the Auto Kong felt like the instant soothing effect of putting a warm cap on a cold head on a winter’s day. Instant satisfaction and comfort! Yes it could take you to couch lock if desired, but just as easily not take you there if you resisted.

As the initial heady wave began to settle, a body fizz of energy took over, leading to the conclusion that beneath the heavy gorilla costume was a gentle giant that could be ridden, with a relaxed and meditative state of mind, throughout the day. A beast of strain to tame the Northern European summer indeed!

Cultivation data:

Genetics Auto Kong 4
Vegetative stage fourweeks (after germination)
Floweringstage 75 days
Medium Homemade mix: Peat/garden, manure, dry seaweed, perlite.
pH 6.2-6.4
Light Natural sun
Temperature 14-25°C
Air humidity 60-80%
Watering Manual
Fertilisation Biobizz Grow, Bloom, Top Max
Additives/stimulants Nettle tea, compost tea, wood ash
Tools N/A
Height 94cm /63cm
Yield 168 gms combined

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  1. Kontogouris Nick (Paradise Seeds)

    As my first grow didn’t had much problems but i do have “complaints”
    1) The yield was nowhere near the expected one
    2) The harvest time was off by almost 3 weeks
    I grew it in a greenhouse with plenty of sun, actually the temperature & Humidity levels were near to ideal.

  2. Michal Dziwisz (Paradise Seeds)


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  4. Nick Kontogouris (Paradise Seeds)

    Professional, trustworthy, generous, second to none for sure.

  5. Thomas Elter (Paradise Seeds)

    All ok 👍

  6. James Fearon (Paradise Seeds)

    Very fast delivery and total germination success. Very pleased overall

  7. Cedric (Paradise Seeds)


  8. Martin (Paradise Seeds)

    Wächst sehr zügig

  9. AutoLover (store manager)

    A easy to grow powerfull plant!

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