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Auto Wappa

Auto Wappa perfect for beginners, this plant yields big chunky nuggets and an old school skunk taste for a knock out mix of quality and bountiful quantity.

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indica sativa ratio

Indica: 50%

Sativa: 50%






THC Potency

THC Potency: 18%





  • Neurologic-Effect

    Surprisingly strong

  • Indoor

    90 cm
    400 Gr

  • Taste Smell

    Fruity, Sweet

  • Yield Time

    63 Days

Juice Bomb… Auto Wappa is a flavorful autoflowering strain that performs with speed and produces big yields that taste great and drip with potency.

We are very proud of Auto Wappa, because it took a lot of work to take the award winning qualities of the original Wappa and breed an autoflower variety that could do it justice.

The results, however, are very pleasing and have been impressing growers and smokers users since we introduced the strain.

Whenever we are asked for a recommendation for a good Auto plant for beginners to grow, this is it. It is super easy to manage and its versatility and full flavor make it an all round pleasure in terms of cultivating, harvesting and experiencing.

  • This combination of sativa and indica has a sweet skunk core and a deep fruity taste that keeps you coming back for more.

    The original Wappa is a near perfect hybrid and the Autoflower version is just the same, only in a more compact form thanks to the addition of ruderalis genetics which will make it flower fast, regardless of light conditions.

  • Noted for its great fragrance, the overwhelming scent is one of sweety fruitiness with a terpene profile that has Myrcene, Caryophyllene and Linalool as dominant characteristics.

    The essence of sweet fruits carries over to the taste and Auto Wappa consumers are rewarded with a flavor that is sweet, mild and very moreish.

  • Difficulty Level: Easy

    Indoors: It will do very nicely in an indoor grow setup, where its stout growth and heavy fruits make it appealing to those looking for quality and yield. Once planted, Auto Wappa will stretch, displaying consistent manageable growth. When it flowers it will go into hyper production mode, carpeting the buds with crystals.

    Outdoors: A fantastic option for the outdoor gardener, this autoflower is capable of reaching 1m in height given the right conditions. Planted around the middle of May, when the night frosts have finished, and harvested at the end of July, this Auto will put a smile on the face of any grower.

  • An extremely resinous plant for an Auto and an indication of the rich indica heritage in its hybrid nature. During flower production buds glisten with silvery crystals and the end product is a payload of pebble sized rock hard nuggets.

    Indoor Yield: 400 g per m²
    Outdoor Yield: 75 g per plant

  • Recreational: Auto Wappa is surprisingly strong. The indica element of this hybrid brings a smooth relaxation, potent but not overpowering in a couch lock manner.

    It is accompanied by a very pleasant sense of uplifting Zen which brings a sense of appreciation to the day and is also well suited for unwinding from any stresses when the day turns into an evening chill session.

    Medical:  This is a popular strain with medical users who are growing their own medicine and looking for a discrete plant that will conveniently fill a balcony plot, a corner of the garden or a vertically challenged grow space.

    The all round qualities of relaxation and uplifting effect make this popular with medical users across a range of conditions.

  • Suitable for growing outside between 60º n.L. and 60º s.L., Auto Wappa cannabis seeds will finish in 9 – 10 weeks outdoors after seed germination and 8 – 9 weeks indoors. Estimated yield is 400 g per m² indoors / 75 g per plant outdoors.

Next Level Autoflower Potency

Auto Wappa is the autoflowering version of one of Paradise Seeds’ most popular strains, the ‘near perfect’ hybrid, Wappa (50% sativa / 50% indica). This strain is renowned for its sweet and fruity aroma, big yields and potent but Zen-like effect.

The auto version of the plant, Auto Wappa, is described as an easy grow variety which retains many of the attributes from the original plant, including a ‘surprisingly strong’ effect. It’s described as taking 60-65 days (indoors) from seed to harvest and 70 days (outdoors), with an estimated yield of 400g per m² /110g per plant (indoor/outdoor). German grow expert, Growolff, put the seeds to the test….

Germination and Vegetative Stage

Growolff sowed three feminised Auto Wappa seeds into Jiffy pots and they quickly sprouted, enjoying a good start placed in a Secret Jardin 1 m2 grow box under two 75 Watts high-efficiency CFL lamps at 18 hours of light per day. He planted the young seedlings into 6.5 litre pots filled with Plagron Standard Mix soil and after two weeks moved them into his big grow room equipped with 6x 600 Watts lamps (3x HPS, 3x MH / 6x HPS in the flowering stage).

At that point of time, the three plants were 15-18 cm tall and growing fairly compact, having produced 4-5 internodes and side branch formations as well as quite narrow shade leaves that reminded more of sativa than of indica. A few days later, the first female preflowers became visible, so the autoflowering effect was setting in according to plan, and Growolff was also very satisfied with the remarkably homogeneous growth performance of the plants.

Flowering Stage

In the course of flowering, they exhibited a strong stretching effect, increasing in height by about 10-12 cm every week. At the same time, they were branching out vividly, adopting a diamond-shaped growth pattern. When they were 35 days old and about 2.5 weeks into flowering, Growolff noted that resin production was going on dynamically, lots of crystals started to emerge on the young calyxes and flower leaves.

Bud formation was proceeding extremely well in the following weeks of flowering, with the plants developing dense indica-style flower clusters with quite a high calyx-to-leaf ratio, shaping lots of fat tops all over the plants. And the three Auto Wappa plants were pumping out surprisingly rich amounts of resin giving them a silvery white appearance, in fact, they turned out to become the most resinous auto variety ever encountered by Growolff, pretty damn sticky! No wonder that their odour was accordingly strong, being super sweet and fruity, indeed, with no traces of ruderalis at all, a sheer pleasure to sniff.

At the age of 61, 64 and 66 days, the three plants were fully ripe, within the life cycle span stated by Paradise Seeds. Final heights were 68, 71 and 78 cm.

Harvest Yield

When the bud harvest had been dried carefully, Growolff read a total yield of 127 grams from the scales, i.e. an average yield of more than 40 grams of super resinous buds per plant – undoubtedly an excellent achievement for an autoflowering strain.

Smell and Smoke Report

He loved the most intense sweet and fruity smell of his dried Auto Wappa buds and naturally was full of expectations when he smoked the first fattie. Already a few tokes – deliciously sweet and mild, totally free of any ruderalis aspects – made him realise the quality of this strain would even go beyond his expectations: A mighty indica hammer quickly slapped his head, sending him on a relaxant journey into the valley of deep, but also cheerful stonedness where he happily spent almost two hours.


“Simply amazing, these Auto Wappa apples really do fall extremely close to the Wappa mother tree!”, Growolff praised, “this is autoflowering potency pushed to another level, absolutely outstanding and certainly the best experienced so far in the field of auto strains.”

Cultivation data:

Genetics Auto Wappa (50% indica / 50% sativa)
Vegetative stage 20 days
Flowering stage 45 days
Medium Plagron Standard Mix soil
pH 6.3 – 6.6
EC Vegetative stage: 1.3–1.7 mS
Light 6x 600 Watts lamps / 18/6 (light/dark)
Temperature 23-26°C (day) 18-20°C (night)
Air humidity Vegetative stage: 40–60%
Watering By hand
Fertilization HeSi Blühkomplex
Additives/stimulants HeSi SuperVit and Wurzelkomplex
Height 68, 71 and 78 cm.
Yield 127 grams (total)

11 reviews for Auto Wappa

  1. Jose V. (Paradise Seeds)

    le esta contando tirar para arriba

  2. Anonymous (Paradise Seeds)

    top et un gout magique

  3. Anonymous (Paradise Seeds)

    Ich habe noch nie eine stärkere Sorte angebaut und wenn man Auto Wappa richtig beschneidet Schaft man es von Anfang bis Ende in 50 Tagen

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  4. Anonymous (Paradise Seeds)

    Super easy to use. Does not mind small mistakes in climate and humidity and just keeps going. Have not tasted it yet, have to wait a few more weeks. Using the autoflower version

  5. nick westcott (Paradise Seeds)

    Product good, postage for a tiny package too expensive.

  6. Lukáš Klaisner (Paradise Seeds)

    Only 2 seeds out of 3 grew 😒

  7. Anonymous (Paradise Seeds)

    Very nice

  8. mariusz

    Great plant for starters !

  9. WappaOutdoorUK

    This year I have the auto version and cannot wait.

    Please do tell me is it ok to top and Auto Wappa to keep it short ? If so when?

    Keep up the exceptional work Paradise your genetics are a cut above in every way ! Respect.

  10. Grappa

    all 5 were very homogen, like clones, yield not bad but pandora got a bit more. The Buds are hard nuggets. Worthy auto variant of the perfect Wappa!

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