Delahaze the fruity citrus taste of this plant provides something for the haze aficionado, while big yields and early finish will bring smiles all round.

indica sativa ratio

Indica: 30%

Sativa: 70%






THC Potency

THC Potency: 22%





  • Neurologic-Effect


  • Indoor

    150 cm
    500 Gr

  • Taste Smell

    Citrus, Hazy

  • Yield Time

    63 Days

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The Producer… Big and powerful, Delahaze, our multi award winning sativa cannabis strain, has it all! We have combined the very best of the Haze in a plant with high yields and an early finish to produce a super plant.

It took time (and much love) to develop this variety. Through careful breeding, we have produced a Haze plant that is naturally robust and mold resistant.

Delahaze is a superb strain and the natural choice of the professional grower – not to mention the Haze aficionado. Handled right, Delahaze cannabis seeds will produce plants that are capable of monster harvests with a delicious potency that is hard to beat.

  • The Haze genetics of this plant are no secret, but the goal of the Paradise breeding team was to maximize the qualities of this classic strain in all areas.

    By creating a 70/30 ( sativa dominant) hybrid, the indica component in the cross shows its influence in the form of enhanced yields, the super quick 9 week finish time (for a Haze) and reduced sativa stretch.

  • In the grow room, the aroma is a swirl of citrus and mango and of course the signature Haze notes. Dried buds reward with a flavour that is a unique combination of Haze and fruits which have a reputation as being a delicious treat to savor.

  • Difficulty Level: Medium – Difficult

    Indoors : Growers will salivate at the possibility of a Haze strain that is relatively quick to flower (9 weeks) and comes with a result that packs a potent punch. Despite the Haze heritage, this plant will not grow out of control as long as it is induced to flower within the first weeks of vegetative. On average this plant will only take 9 weeks, although we recommend taking one extra week of flowering in order to unlock the full wonders of its fine citrus/Haze bouquet.

    Outdoors : This award winning plant is well established on the continents of America and Europe. Its lineage brings a big harvest with an early finish. Big top, side colas and a high calyx-to-leaf ratio promote the healthy yield of this strain and a particular characteristic of this plant is the spiralling upwards of its buds, thanks to its unique chemotype.

  • The buds produced by the sturdy top and side colas are aesthetically pleasing – big, dense and rock hard – as well as being abundant in their production.

    Indoor Yield : 500+ g per m² indoors
    Outdoor Yield: 1000 g per plant outdoors

  • Recreational:
    The Delahaze effects announce themselves in creeping fashion, building up to a euphoric and uplifting crescendo. Once established, the long lasting sensation (up to 4 hours)  will spread to the body, clean and clear – perfect for the day and energy inspiring for night time activities.

    Medical: The uplifting nature of the effect makes Delahaze cannabis seeds a popular choice for medical growers seeking to combat stress and aspects of depression.

  • Suitable for growing outdoors between 45º n.L. and 45º s.L., Delahaze is ready to harvest in early November outdoors (n.L.), while indoors the finish time is 9 – 10 weeks. Estimated yield is an excellent 500+ g per m² indoors / 1000 g per plant outdoors.

New Haze power from Paradise Seeds

A mostly Haze strain was missing in the seed range of Paradise Seeds until 2008, when this gap was closed with the new Delahaze strain – so the grower Mr. Power Planter was especially curious about the outcome of breeder Luc’s genetic work.

The exact pedigree of Delahaze is kept secret by Paradise Seeds, while it is obvious of course that Haze genetics have a major share in this strain. Delahaze is a 70:30 sativa/incida hybrid, the nature of the indica component is unknown. Well-known is Delahaze’s THC content: At least 20 %. Paradise Seeds says “It is extremely potent, giving high yields and finishing early in approximately 9 weeks.” A flowering time of nine weeks is pretty damn short for a mostly Haze strain, especially if the plants are exhibiting overall dominant Haze traits.

When breeding a mostly Haze strain, it is all about preserving the coveted Haze characteristics as well as possible, the hybrid shall have a stable Haze dominant aroma and high. So it’s an essential breeder’s task to stabilise these characteristics as firmly as possible in the Haze hybrid. At the same time, however, he has to master the problem of restraining the unwanted pure Haze characteristics such as its terribly long flowering time of up to more than 20 weeks, its heavy stretching effect and its fairly low yields.

It takes an indica strain with precisely contrary characteristics – a very short flowering time, stout growth and high yields – to subdue these unwanted traits. However, the breeder has to avoid that the couchlock indica high gets through in the hybrid, retaining that exclusive superb Haze sativa flash as much as possible.

Delicious both hazy and fruity

According to Luc, the owner and breeder of Paradise Seeds, all those Haze breeding goals were achieved with Delahaze. She even is a huge yielder, delivering indoor harvests of up to more than 500 grams per plant, outdoors it can even be more than one kilo of finest buds (harvest time under natural light/n.L. is early November). Luc recommends: “To appreciate her fully let her flower one week extra which results in fine sativaish/haze flowers filling up your growroom with a beautiful aroma containing hints of citrus & mango. Still the typical haze scent remains dominant.

The chances that these plants become fat are plenty since they grow multiple branches filled with clusters of resin coated flowers. Therefore we suggest to induce flowering early before they get too big.” The high effected by Delahaze corresponds to its 70:30 Haze/indica genetics, providing a clear euphoric and uplifting effect (Haze/sativa), but after a while also a pleasant body effect (indica). According to Luc, “many growers & smokers have rated Delahaze to their top 3 haze list.”

It was Mister Power Planter once again who eagerly tested this strain. He germinated a pack of five feminized Delahaze seeds in jiffy pots. After four days, all the seeds had sprouted and were illuminated by a 115 Watts CFL light (4200 K). Only six days later, Mr. Power Planter induced flowering very early by reducing the light period from 18/6 (day/night) to 12/12. He replaced the CFL light with a 600 Watts high pressure sodium lamp (GIB Lighting).

After the photoperiod had been cut down, because of the very short vegetative stage it naturally took longer than usual until the first pre-flowers appeared on the Delahaze plants. But after 16 days, all the five plants had revealed their gender – they all had female pre-flowers.

Impressed by the enormous potency of Delahaze

The plants started to exhibit moderate side branching. Of course they kept on increasing in height and width for several weeks during flowering, but did not seem to exceed a height of one metre in the end. In the course of flowering, it turned out that there was a slight degree of variation in terms of flower shape and structure, but all the plants produced big tight top and side colas with quite a high calyx-to-leaf ratio. Their delicious both hazey and fruity scent was increasing in strength week by week, and so did the resin glands.

All the five Delahaze plants were 100% female, so the feminisation quality of Paradise Seeds once again proved to be very reliable. Also in terms of flowering time, the five plants kept their promise, all of them could be harvested after precisely nine weeks of flowering.

The predominantly hazey aroma of the plants, with some fruity undertones, was identical or very similar. One plant (65 cm) was considerably lower in the end than the other four (83-100 cm). Paradise Seeds has clearly succeeded in restraining the dreaded Haze stretching effect, Delahaze produces ideal indoor plant sizes if flowered early, being easy to grow.

Delahaze has a an excellent value for money.

After the buds had been dried, it turned out that each plant had yielded 40 grams on the average which was an excellent achievement for a mostly Haze strain with such a short vegetative growth time. Mr. Power Planter was impressed by the enormous potency of Delahaze, the superb high exactly matched the description of Paradise Seeds, providing a long-lasting, very strong cerebral sativa up-high, but after a while also a very moderate body effect which was relaxing, not couchlocking.

The dried buds had retained that hazey and a little bit fruity aroma and produced a likewise delicious smoke that was a true enjoyment to Mr. Power Planter. He considers Delahaze as a great choice for any Haze lover and congratulated Luc on his fine piece of Haze breeding work. With a price of 40 Euros for five feminized seeds and 70 Euros for ten, Delahaze has a an excellent value for money.

Cultivation data:

  • Strain: Delahaze
  • Genetics: Mostly Sativa (70%)
  • Vegetative stage: here: 5 days
  • Flowering stage: 63 days
  • Medium: Plagron Standard Mix (soil mix)
  • pH: 6.5-7
  • EC: max. 1.6 ms
  • Lights: Vegetative stage: 115 W CFL, 4200 K
  • Flowering stage: 600 W GIB Lighting
  • Temperature: 18-25°C (day), 16-18 °C (night)
  • Air humidity: 40-60%
  • Watering: by hand
  • Fertilization: HeSi Bloom Complex, also HeSi Phosphor Plus from the 5th week of flowering
  • Additives: HeSi SuperVit + Power Zyme
  • Height: 65, 83, 87, 93 and 100 cm
  • Yield: ∅ 40 g