Glowstarz is a fun loving Cali hybrid. It’s a fun, super adaptable, big harvest strain with flavor and resin pump thrusters stuck in overdrive.

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indica sativa ratio

Indica: 60%

Sativa: 40%






THC Potency

THC Potency: 22%





  • Neurologic-Effect

    Relax, Sociable

  • Indoor

    150 cm
    500 Gr

  • Taste Smell

    Fuel, Pungent

  • Yield Time

    56 Days

Luminous Fun… Growers of all abilities will fall in love with this 60/40 hybrid with a lean to the indica side.

Glowstarz flies off the chart with its superb Kushy/Cookie flavors, and rampant resin production which coats plants with a glowing trichome trail. Just like a glow star, you can stick this versatile plant almost anywhere and it will illuminate your grow space.

Cut this plant and it will bleed pure California with its swag of premium Cali genetics. It’s adaptable, it’s tough with good resistance qualities and it’s bountiful with its high yields.

We can’t emphasise enough what a fun plant this is and it will leave you with a smile on your face at every stage of the grow process.

  • On the one side is an original San Fernando Valley OG Kush (also known as SFV OG), supplied by Paradise’s Californian friends in 2018, which is a hybrid renowned for its earthy/pine smoothness and potency.

    On the other side is Gelato 33, a Cookies influenced strain which is known for its energetic euphoria and pronounced sweet taste. Glowstarz exhibits the best of qualities of its parents which is reflected in its flavor and effect.

  • Glowstarz brings the highlights of two signature cannabis families together in one extremely aromatic and flavorful plant.

    From the Kush side there are deep tones of gas (diesel), pine and metal while the sweet and pungent edge is evidence of the Gelato 33influence.

    This meeting of both worlds has produced a strain with real full blooded smell and taste

  • Difficulty Level:Easy

    Indoors: Underpinned by super reliable genetics, a Glowstarz cannabis seed is like a rocket, ready to launch wherever you want it.

    The fun extends to the grow experience so expect great results in all environments. It’s a medium sized sturdy plant, which displays the architecture of a typicalKush, although with a more open structure to its growth. It should not exceed 1.5 meters in height.

    Outdoors, its tremendous versatility should make it a no brainer for outdoor growers. From sea level to mountain heights, Mediterranean heat to rainy north European gardens, this is an incredibly adaptable plant.

    Growers in cooler and wetter parts of the world will especially appreciate the high level of defense against disease which makes Glowstarz shine in the garden

  • Bud development is prolific and this strain develops nice thick flower clusters which grow closely together to produce long fox tail colas.

    The buds (as well as fan leaves) sparkle with the promise of sweet resinous reward like sugar coated cookies. In their formation they are more in keeping with the Gelato/Cookies style in their compactness, although slightly bigger and their density adds weight to any harvest.

    Indoor Yield: 500g

    Outdoor Yield: 800g

  • Recreational: With the heavyweight credentials behind the lineage, one might expect a knockout blow from Glowstarz, but this is not the case. It soars with a feel good euphoric charge which is the perfect fuel for creative activity and socializing.

    The significant indica element shows itself with the warm glow of body relaxation and contentedness which characterizes the downswing. Like we said, ‘fun’!

    Medical: There is much to recommend for medical cannabis consumers seeking relief.

    It’s a good appetite stimulant and a rapid mood lifter and consistent use throughout the day will produce a deep relaxation and sedative quality sought after by many medical patients

  • Glowstarz can be grown outside between 50º n.L. and 50º s.L.. It finishes in early October outdoors (n.L.), while indoor finish time is 8-9 weeks. Estimated yield is 500 g per m²indoors / 800 g per plant outdoors.

Glowstarz: Luminous fun, from grow to roll!

Glowstarz (San Fernando Valley Kush x Gelato 33) is a 60/40 hybrid which leans to the indica side. It has a reputation as a ‘fun’ plant which is easy to grow and has an uplifting effect which is described as good for all day use.

Its name derives from the intensity of the trichome trail which coats the buds and sugar leaves. So time to put it to the test under the green fingered guidance of grower Prawn Connery.

Germination and Vegetative Stage

Three Glowstarz cannabis seeds were germinated in a glass of water (with a drop of H202) and transferred after 24 hours to a wet paper towel. All 3 seeds popped within two days. The seeds were planted in soil and placed under lights and after just two days the seeds had broken through.
Seedling growth was fast and vigorous.

They were kept in vegetative stage for 3 weeks under an 18/6 light cycle, during which all three plants showed a moderate stretch. The growth pattern showed distinctive sativa characteristics with long internodes, the side branches extending from the main cola.

At the end of the veg stage the three plants stood around the 30 – 35 cm mark.

Flowering Stage

The plants were put into flower with a 12/12 lighting schedule, with 6 x 1 minute feeds during the 12 hour light-on period. There was a significantly more stretch during the flowering phase and this was accompanied by a real thickening of side branches, with all three plants showing a high calyx to leaf ratio.
From the three plants two phenotypes announced themselves.

Two of the plants were slightly shorter and leafier, sweeter in smell and not so oily. The second phenotype (one plant) was a little taller with quite long internodal spacing. It had a distinctive peppermint smell and although it yielded slightly less, it was much more resinous.

All plants produced buds which were more indica in their form despite their sativa structure. They were very dense and stacked up like short, fat foxtails, showing that signature ‘Glowstarz’ trichome luminosity as the flower stage progressed.

As harvest time approached, the terps in the grow room were sweet and minty, with hints of pine, diesel (fuel) and tropical fruit.
Finishing heights were 120, 125, and 140 cm.

Harvest Yield

The dry yield of the three plants was 350 gms (120, 130, 100).

Smell and Smoke Report

Once dried and cured, the buds were a real visual treat with their fizzling trichome cover.

That sweet and minty smell carried over from the grow room as the dominant ‘dried’ aroma but a squeeze of the buds also released a waft of pine and fruit with a deeper fuel aroma. As for taste,

Rolled up in a pure joint, Glowstarz delivered a taste that reflected sweet and sour terpene profile with the sweetness at the forefront and the minty fuel tones lingering in the mouth after the first taste.

Glowstarz delivers a creeper high that is not very discernable at first but starts to come on strong after a few minutes and keeps getting stronger. The high is very much in the head, but with a nice warm after-glow and feeling of well-being, bordering on euphoria.

A very pleasant and optimistic high with no paranoia at all that only settles into a body high with heavier use later in the evening.

To sum up, this is a very enjoyable smoke that is still very strong, and its munchies-inducing nature make it a good choice for medical users who are seeking a strain with lucid relaxation and appetite stimulant qualities.

The Verdict

Glowstarz definitely performs as advertised with its luminous frostinessand fun reputation.

The type of bud you can smoke any time of day without a care in the world! I suspect this is going to be another of those under-rated Paradise Seeds strains that growers will discover.

Cultivation data:

Genetics Glowstarz (San Fernando Valley OG x Gelato #33)
Indoor or Outdoor Indoor
Vegetative stage 3 Weeks
Flowering stage 8-9+ Weeks
Medium Coco
pH 6-6.3 in veg, 5.6-5.9 in flower 
EC 1.8 in Veg, 2.4 in Flower
Light Grow Lights Australia High Light 420 Longboards (600W)
Temperature 22-30C
Air humidity 30-70%
Watering Auto irrigation, 6x a day
Fertilisation HyGen, MonstaBud
Additives/stimulants PK, Budlink (silica)
Height About 1.2-1.4m
Yield (in grams) 7-8 oz per plant (wet)

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  1. Christian (Paradise Seeds)

    Ist nun in der 2ten Woche, noch sehr klein die Pflanze, bin gespannt, wie es weiter geht !

  2. Anonymous (Paradise Seeds)

    Always top well balanced genetics. The time taken by them to release great strains proves it wait. Glowstars is up next looking forward to it. 👍

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