Jacky White

Jacky White champions’ genes have gone into the breeding of this modern classic which generates fast growth, a high yield and energizing, uplifting results.

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indica sativa ratio

Indica: 25%

Sativa: 75%






THC Potency

THC Potency: 22%





  • Neurologic-Effect

    Pleasant, Soft cerebral

  • Indoor

    125 cm
    500 Gr

  • Taste Smell

    Citrus, Grapefruit

  • Yield Time

    60 Days

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High Yield, Fast Finish… Jacky White is the ultimate performer, a dashing mix of heritage and knowledge. The result? A big harvest sativa that became an instant classic when it was introduced.

The quest was to breed a plant that combined the greatest characteristics of the greatest plants. It took time – years – to get the strain just the way we wanted it, but the result was worth it. A femme fatale that packs a punch.

An immediate hit when it first came out, this plant’s reputation still burns strong. That’s because: for a fast growing, high yielding plant, the effects are just so damn good… An overwhelming experience served on a layer of citrus ‘haze’.

  • This strain comes with true pedigree as its parents are two classic cannabis strains. In the mix are White Widow and a Jack Herer phenotype.

    As a balanced hybrid, White Widow brings great stability and the guarantee of trichome frostiness.

    Jack Herer, named after the legendary cannabis activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, is resinous and endowed with a creative clarity.

    The offspring of these classics is Jacky White, a Paradise Seeds sativa strain that is in a whole new league of its own.

  • A real terpene bomb, alive with Limonene, Pinene and Myrcene, in the grow room the fruity fragrance of plants grown from Jacky White cannabis seeds has a real grapefruit essence to it. Once dried, the buds retain this fruity element with a pronounced sweet citrusy taste.

  • Difficulty Level: Easy

    Indoors : The strong sativa genetics of this plant mean that it can climb and those side branches will reach for the space to support its bounty of long and well formed buds. Indoor growers with limited space may look to pruning and bending methods to control the growth. A principal characteristic that appeals to those with indoor setups is Jacky White’s reputation for stability , meaning consistency with results.

    Outdoors : Jacky White is the best friend of the outdoor gardener, hardy and low maintenance. Give it some space and moderate sunshine and it will reward you with a plant that strikes a fine pose, making it a favorite with sativa aficionados in southern regions of the world. This is a great sativa choice for the northern region gardener too, thanks to its great versatility and in-built resistance qualities.

  • A high calyx-to-leaf ratio is accompanied by intense resin production in the flowering process which sees bud production accompanied by an intense trichome snowfall.

    Buds grow long and corpulent on its side branches and the sheer luminosity of the trichome covering gives them the appearance of chubby glow sticks.

    Indoor Yield : 500 g per m²
    Outdoor Yield: 750 g per plant

  • Recreational: The effect is all sativa, although there is a very enjoyable indica after-wave too. Jacky White cannabis seeds are renowned for sprouting plants with an effect that is wonderfully pleasant, and the evidence is in the grin and giggles that accompany the ride. It is the creative’s choice with rushes of energy and inspiration making it perfect for heightened focus.

    Medical:   Its uplifting nature and clarity is popular amongst those seeking a mental lift and also in conditions where extra energy is desired to counter fatigue.

  • Suitable for growing outside between 50º n.L. and 50º s.L., Jacky White cannabis seeds will produce a finish in mid October outdoors (n.L.), and be ready to crop between 8 – 9 weeks when grown indoors. Estimated yield is 500 g per m² indoors / 750 g per plant outdoors.

Fast Finish, High Yield Sativa

Jacky White is a sativa strain from the Paradise Seeds classic collection. Its popularity is the result of its status as a fast finish, high yield sativa with a sweet citrus/hazey taste. With a predicted harvest weight of 500g per m² indoors / 750g per plant outdoors, two legendary strains underpin its genetic core – Jack Herer and White Widow.

It is advertised as a good choice for indoor and outdoor growers alike, with a 60 day flowering time in the grow room (with a mid October finish outside in the northern hemisphere). Jacky White feminized seeds were put to the test by expert grower, Mr Power Planter…

Germination and Vegetative Stage

Seven Jacky White seeds were sown, all of them sprouting without any problems. The seedlings were put into 6 litre pots filled with Plagron Royalty Mix and placed under a MaxGrow 180 watts Dual Spectrum CFL, being exposed to a daily light cycle of 18 hours. They spent three weeks in the vegetative stage, growing healthy and homogeneously. Then Mr. Power-Planter induced flowering by switching the light cycle to 12 hours per day, replacing the CFL by an Osram NAV-T 600 watts lamp. Within 7-9 days, by forming small preflowers at the main stem.

Flowering Stage

The plants had developed relatively strong side-branching and kept on stretching a lot in the course of flowering, a behaviour that indicated a good deal of sativa genetics. That stretching behaviour led to fairly wide internodes, but the very compact, dense and roundish structure and size of the Jacky White buds could well compensate for this.

The calyx-to-leaf ratio was quite high with most of the plants. They produced more and more resin in the course of flowering and in the end really lived up to the expectations raised by their strain name Jacky White, exhibiting lovely thick white layers of resin. The aroma of the Jacky White plants was quite a surprise, giving off an incredibly strong and delicious grapefruit scent.

After 61 days of flowering, Mr. Power-Planter harvested all of the plants, although only three were fully ripe, the other four would have needed another week or so, a little bit later than stated by Paradise Seeds (60 days). But that difference was only marginal. With end heights of 83, 89, 99, 101, 101, 104 and 105 cm, the uniformity of the seven Jacky White plants was very satisfying, confirming Paradise Seeds` description “this mostly sativa hybrid is also notable for her stability, with only slight variations between individual plants”.

Harvest Yield

Five plants delivered between 33 and 38 dry grams of finest sinsemilla, the yield of the other two (the shortest plants) was just below 30 grams – on the whole, for plants grown from seed, the harvest was clearly above average. According to Paradise Seeds, under optimum conditions even 600 grams per m2 are possible with Jacky White. They also say that pruning or bending to increase yield works well with this strain.

Smell and Smoke Report

When it came to test smoking, we were highly delighted by the strong and fresh sativa turn of the Jacky White buds. The intense citrus taste rushed into our mouth while, just as fresh and highly energising, the THC molecules took possession of our brain twists. After a while, however, that soaring sativa high changed into a more stoney high that was enjoyable, too.


Mr. Power-Planter was extremely satisfied with his fruitful Jacky White grow, being totally captivated by these full blooded ladies. He highly appreciated the fact that all of the seven plants turned out to be 100% female and was taken with the great Jacky White citrous flavour and high. Jacky White can also be grown outdoors successfully in a moderate to sunny climate, ripening by mid October.

Genetics Jacky White (75% sativa / 25% indica)
Vegetative stage 21 days
Flowering stage 61 days
Medium Plagron Royalty Mix
pH 6.2-6.5
EC 1.2-1.8
Light Vegetative: MaxGrow 8U Spectrum CFL (180 watts)
Flower: 1 x 600 W Osram NAV-T, 1 x MaxGrow 8U Son-T in Cool Tube
Temperature Night: 15-18 °C / Day: 23-27 °C
Air humidity Max. 50 % in the flowering stage
Watering By hand
Fertilization BioCanna BioVega, BioCanna BioFlores
Additives/stimulants BioCanna Bio Boost
Height 83, 89, 99, 101, 101, 104, 105 cm
Yield 33 grams on average

2 reviews for Jacky White

  1. Jason

    Great Smoke

    funny how you always remember those really great smokes you had , they stay with you all through your life as a kind of yardstick that all others are measured against. .the yardstick in this case is some durban poison, obtained by a freind of a freind from the back streets of soweto sometime in the early 80’s .
    ahhh those were they days. well they were for me, used to get some really nice hash back then and everything that came this way was grown outside under the sun. Things have changed a lot since then theres 2 other times i thought man that was some killer smoke.
    some white widow that leveled a room full of musicians. to the point of hysterical insane laughter for hours and some super silver haze that made me wanna write an entire album and a novel at the same time as being in star trek for real …. so thats 3 memorable strains in 30 something years of smoking. Jacky white is number 4 a great smoke. Very uplifting. no fatigue, just the way i like it 😉 and the flavour is fantastic. takes me back a few years to when the white strains were all the rage so congrats you guys . you made it on to THE LIST. killer smoke and well worth the years of effort in my humble opinion. Thanks for doing that.

  2. 69vy

    Vaporizer good 7 /10. Mangle

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