Original White Widow (IBL)

Original White Widow strain an old school breed, preserved and regenerated through an IBL process to retain the resin coated goodness and wonderful qualities of the original.
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indica sativa ratio

Indica: 50%

Sativa: 50%






THC Potency

THC Potency: 22%





  • Neurologic-Effect

    Mighty, Surprisingly strong

  • Indoor

    110 cm
    500 Gr

  • Taste Smell

    Floral, Pine

  • Yield Time

    60 Days

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Original ClassicOriginal White Widow (IBL) is a pure old school all the way. An explosive combination of sativa and hybrid genetics from Brazil and India that yields big and hits hard. This is classic bud, 50/50 sativa/indica, with a popularity that has endured over the years.

We were given a female clone way back in 1996 and have been breeding it with a carefully selected White Widow male plant since then. A consistent component in some of our crossbreed plants, bringing quality enhancement, in 2012 we decided it was time to share the original strain in its purest form.

  • This cannabis strain is one which needs no introduction. It is a Dutch legend that hit the scene in the 1990s and took the cannabis world by storm with its combination of heavy crystal coating and desired grow qualities.

    As the story goes, this plant harnessed the power of a super sativa Brazilian land race together with a resinous indica from the mountainsides of Kerala in southern India.

    We have preserved the authenticity of this classic plant as an in-bred line (IBL), which means that our White Widow cannabis seeds are the product of back crossing with near identical genotypes.

  • This old classic comes packed full of fragrance and flavour, with a terpene profile that combines an assortment which includes Pinene, Limonene, Myrcene, Linalool and Humulene, although sweet, piney, earthy and buttery is a good overview.

    The taste is a similar combination, and rather unique.

  • Difficulty Level: Easy

    Indoors: Expect the characteristics that have earned this plant such a solid reputation for its commercial capabilities. A sturdy plant, growth patterns are uniform, becoming bushy early on before stretching when in flower.

    This variety is a great fit for SOG, SCROG, LST and other forms of plant training, making it ideal for cultivators working with limited space. The many side branches produce fat tops and trichome covered oily buds. , exploding with trichomes, which emanate its floral odour.

    A gift to indoor growers thanks to a consistency that gives ease of control in a grow room and a harvest that will fill your basket after 8 – 9 weeks flowering. Easy to grow, this strain is the choice of beginners and experienced pros.

    Outdoors: Outdoors it will reach for the sun (2m and more) and yield accordingly, which makes it a great choice in the southern regions of the world.

    However, as a true champion, this plant will also perform very well in northern regions and actually prefers a more moderate temperature.

  • The buds produced by White Widow cannabis seeds aren’t the biggest, but they are numerous and come with the trademark sugary trichome coating which made this strain stand out from the start and indeed contributed towards its name.

    Indoor Yield: 500 g per m²
    Outdoor Yield: 700 g per plant

  • Recreational: Not for the faint hearted, Original White Widow (IBL) will deliver a dose of potency that can catch even the most experienced smoker user by surprise.

    This variety comes with an uplifting creative energy and a socializing edge, although the indica element brings a relaxing downside to the effect too.

    Medical: For the medical user there is much to recommend with many praising its anti anxiety and depression qualities. Those suffering from chronic pain highlight the joy of relaxation without the couch lock.

  • Suitable for growing outside between 50º n.L. and 50º s.L..

    The plant of Original White Widow (IBL) seeds has an early October harvest time outdoors (n.L.) and will finish in 8 – 9 weeks indoors. Estimated yield is 500 g per m² indoors / 700 g per plant outdoors.

Original Widow. No Additives

White Widow is a cannabis strain that needs little introduction. It’s a stand out classic on its own, a mix of Brazilian sativa and southern Indian indica. Paradise released White Widow genetics to the world in 2012 and the authenticity of this strain is reflected in its IBL (In Bred Line) marcation.

Prized by growers for its generous crystal coating it’s a straight down the middle hybrid (50% sativa / 50% indica) with a floral and pine flavor. The genetics of this IBL White Widow can be traced back to 1996 when Paradise procured original male and female clones from original breeder, Ingemar.  Harvest arrives in mid October outdoors and after 60 days flowering indoors (estimated yields are 500g per m² indoors / 700g per plant outdoors). Time for The Doc to sow some seeds…

Germination and vegetative stage

The Doc germinated three feminized seeds that quickly sprouted between moist kitchen paper sheets, then being planted into into 11 liter pots filled with Plagron Standard Mix soil to which he had previously added 5% expanded clay and horn chippings, and put into a small grow box under two Secret Jardin 150 W high-efficiency CFL lights for nine days. Then the three seedlings were moved into the actual grow room with plenty of HPS light and left there in the vegetative stage for two more weeks. At the age of two weeks, the plants grew very homogeneously, exhibiting heavily indica-dominant stout bushy growth and broad leaves, measuring only about 10 cm in height, with already 5-6 internodes and accordingly much side branch onsets.

Vegetative state

After 23 days in the vegetative stage, The Doc induced flowering by switching the light cycle down from 18/6 to 12/12, at the same time installing two GIB Lighting 600 W HPS and one 400 W Osram Son T plus lamp for an optimum flowering light spectrum. When the plants were two weeks into flowering, there was a noticeable stretching effect which was appreciated by The Doc. One week later, many little rose-shaped flower onsets had emerged along the branches.

When five weeks of flowering had passed, trichome accumulation became extremely vivid, effecting an intense sweet floral smell, and that stretching effect seemed to have come to an end, at heights of about 65-75 cm. The three plants were about building very dense buds with a high calyx-to-leaf ratio, exhibiting an excellent blooming pattern.

Until the very end, the three plants had remained to grow and bloom very homogeneously, in terms of height (68, 75 and 77 cm), branching habit, budding pattern, resin content and odour. They were laden with lots of side branches and big fat tops, forming a “carpet” of colas below the main cola that stood out of them. The first plant was harvested after 62 days, the other two followed on days 64 and 66.

Harvest yield

The Doc was extremely satisfied with their dry bud yields which were 62, 65 and 70 grams of rock-hard crystal white nuggets looking very mouth watering. He also liked their most delicious odour very much, it was pleasantly sweet and mild, sunny-floral and with a certain pine undertone, indeed.

Smell and Smoke Report

Of course it was with highest expectations when The Doc smoked the first Original White Widow joint, but what he did experience then, astounded even a longtime stoner like him: He was totally slammed by tremendous White Widow indica power in no time, half a joint was enough to throw him deep into his couch, feeling totally steamrolled! Although this strain officially has a sativa content of 50%, that wasn’t noticed by the Doc in the high at all – when he had smoked the second half of the joint, he felt, positively, devastated to the bone and that mighty indica bang in his mind and body latest on four almost two hours.


“This is awesome Original White Widow quality, one of the strongest smokes I’ve encountered in recent years”, The Doc raved, “and the plants are very easy to grow and giving excellent yields. No doubt about that: The Original White Widow is still an absolutely wrinkle-free queen, forever young! Breeder Luc’s IBL version impressively showed why the White Widow genetics have achieved a legendary status.”

Cultivation data:

Genetics Original White Widow IBL (50% sativa / 50% indica)
Vegetative stage 23 days
Flowering stage 62-66 days
Medium Plagron Standard Mix with 5% expanded clay and horn chippings, 11 liter pots
pH 6,0–6 6,0–6,5
EC EC: vegetative: 1,2–1,6 mS / Flowering: 1,6-1,9 mS
Light First nine days of growth: 2x TLC 150 lights
Rest of the vegetative stage: 2x Osram Plantastar 600 W HPS
Flowering: 2x GIB Lighting 600 W HPS + 1x 400 W Osram Son T plus
Temperature 23-26°C (day) / 18-20°C (night)
Air humidity Vegetative stage: 40–60% / Flowering: max. 50%
Watering By hand
Fertilization HeSi Blühkomplex, HeSi Phosphor Plus from the 4th week of flowering
Additives/stimulants Plagron Seed Buster Plus, HeSi SuperVit and Wurzelkomplex
Height 68, 75 and 77 cm
Yield 62, 65 and 70g

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  1. Geoffroy Dufour (Paradise Seeds)

    Très bien bon buds

  2. Václav (Paradise Seeds)

    Best or nothing!

    Image #1 from Václav
  3. johannes h. (Paradise Seeds)


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