Wappa One of the Paradise Seeds prize jewels, this prize winning all-rounder is easy to grow, full of flavor and a reliable big yield cannabis plant.

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indica sativa ratio

Indica: 60%

Sativa: 40%






THC Potency

THC Potency: 24%





  • Neurologic-Effect


  • Indoor

    110 cm

  • Taste Smell

    Fruity, Strawberry

  • Yield Time

    56 Days

Big Bud Secret… Welcome to Wappa, an award winning indica hybrid and one of our most popular strains thanks to its ease of growth, superb flavour and chunky harvests.

We bred this strain by selecting the biggest and the juiciest plants of each generation to build the Wappa profile. What makes this plant such great value for money is its special power to thrive and keep on producing.

A perfect plant for the beginner and also popular with pros who are looking for big yields and a dependable product.

  • As one of the flagship strains in the Paradise Seeds library, the lineage of Wappa remains something of a secret, although it has a rich vein of sweet skunk running through its genetic code.

    However there is far more to Wappa than this heritage, with some extensive genetic blending and fine tuning taking place through the Paradise breeding program.

    Wappa is something of a dark horse in the world of cannabis plants – widely recognized by growers and consumers for its multiple attributes without receiving the attention in the spotlight it truly deserves.

  • Fresh and fruity, its wonderful strawberry/cherry bouquet is a pleasure to savor.

    The terpene profile is well balanced with a predominance of Myrcene, Caryophyllene and Linalool.

  • Difficulty Level: Easy

    Indoors: Wappa cannabis seeds grow into stout and sturdy plants and this is an indica strain that is renowned for its stability.

    The high calyx-to-leaf ratio will make the fussiest manicurist a happy person and it is pleasing to the eye too. This one is popular with those who have indoor grow rooms, and especially those cannabis growers that have limited space to work with. Wappa is a medium sized plant that packs a very big punch, evident in the thick cola and the proliferation of buds that surge from the side branches.

    Outdoors: As an outdoor plant, Wappa proves its qualities equally. It will perform in a more moderate climate, and grows well in northern latitudes of European and North American regions.

    This plant will deliver the northern cultivator enough nuggets to store way for the long winter months ahead. However, Southern region growers will best benefit from Wappa’s outdoor performance. Give this plant sunshine and it will reward you with buds.

  • Wappa cannabis seeds produce a strain that is stout, sturdy and bushy in its growth pattern displaying rapid development of big buds, which are dense and long and shimmer with a coating of frosty resin. The extraordinary payload of buds is what sets this plant apart in the grow department.

    Indoor Yield: 550 g per m²
    Outdoor Yield: 700 g per plant

  • Recreational: Intense, but not overwhelming. It sinks into the body, providing an indica carpet to walk over but never dragging you down. In fact Wappa brings an upful sense of purpose to your day’s proceedings. It has great power, but a benign power that will push you towards the doors of perception with a gentle nudge rather than an elevator free-fall. A good daytime experience strain, its indica element also makes it an enjoyable source of evening relaxation too.

    Medical: Relaxation and an uplifting sense of purpose makes this strain popular with medical users seeking pain relief and a more positive mind space.

  • Suitable for growing outside between 50º n.L. and 50º s.L., Wappa is ready for harvest in early October outdoors (n.L.) and in 8 – 9 weeks indoors. Estimated yield is 550 g per m² indoors / 700 g per plant outdoors.

Near Perfect Hybrid

Wappa is one of Paradise Seeds’ most popular strains and has been described as a near perfect hybrid (60% indica /40% sativa). Its popularity with cannabis growers stems from its great stability, Sweet Skunk core and all round attributes and these qualities have been recognized with numerous awards since it was first released.

Its relatively compact size makes it an easy management plant, but it is also prized for its big harvest potential (550g per m² indoors / 700g per plant outdoors) and a very rewarding all-day effect. It has a flowering time of 55-60 days (indoors) and will finish in mid October (outdoors). Time to see how it performs in the grow room!

Germination and Vegetative Stage

A grower called “The Doc” germinated three feminized Wappa seeds in order to get a first impression of the Wappa strain. All of the seeds sprouted perfectly and the seedlings were grown under two 125 W CFL lights (6400 K) during the first two weeks.

The seedlings were transplanted to 11 litre pots filled with Plagron Standard Mix. After two weeks, The Doc replaced the CFLs with two Planta Star 600 Watts high pressure sodium lamps and one with 400 Watts. After the third week in the vegetative stage, at a height of 30-40 cm and a width of already more than 40 cm, the first side branches slipped through the huge leaves from below.

The three Wappa plants grew very homogeneously and bushy, producing many long side branches within a short time, something that is also rarely seen on indica plants. After four weeks in the vegetative stage – the plants had kept on growing vigorously, having reached a height of 50-60 cm.

Flowering Stage

The Doc induced flowering by reducing the light period from 18/6 (day/night) to 12/12 and replaced the Planta Star lights with two 600 Watts Osram Son-T Plus and one with 400 Watts. Already two weeks later, flower cluster formation had started at the plant tips.

The numerous side branches kept on stretching in the first weeks of flowering, and so did the whole plants, also further increasing in width. After four weeks in the flowering stage, the plants had reached a height of about 100 cm, having become luscious globe cannabis plants that raised the expectation of a bumper harvest, the more so as the buds were becoming very big, dense and long.

At the end of the fourth week of flowering, the buds were already coated with a shimmering resin layer. After five weeks, flower production kind of exploded, the buds tremendously increased in size and density.

Also in the flowering stage, there was a great deal of uniformity, there were no different phenotypes, even the flower structure was identical on all the three plants. The only difference found on one plant was the fact that it even outmatched the high resin content of the other two plants. Also the fruity sweet aroma was the same with each plant.

Harvest Yield

All the three plants – which had grown to a height of about 120 cm in the end – could be harvested between the eighth and ninth week of flowering, which was in line with the flowering time data stated by Paradise Seeds. After the buds had been dried, The Doc happily took 312 grams off the scales, a yield that did fulfil the high harvest expectations.

Smell and Smoke Report

Wappa’s high was as strong as expected, it had a quick onset and lasted for many hours, having a pleasant body relaxing effect which, indeed, was not paralysing – The Doc still could move easily and was mentally present, being densely enwrapped in mental candyfloss though, he was heavily stoned but also felt a lot of euphoria. Wappa’s smell and flavour also fully convinced him, the buds provided a mild and sweet smoke with nice subtle fruity undertones.
For The Doc, Wappa easily ranks amongst the best strains of Paradise Seeds!

Cultivation data:

Genetics Wappa (60/40 Indica/Sativa)
Vegetative stage 4 weeks
Flowering stage 8-9 weeks
Medium Plagron Standard Mix soil
pH 6.0–6.5
EC Vegetative stage: 1.2–1.6 mS / Flowering stage: 1.6-2.0 mS
Light Vegetative stage: 2x Planta Star 600 W + 1x 400 W / Flowering stage: 2x Osram Son T plus 600 W + 1x 400 W
Temperature 22-28°C (day)/ 18-19 °C
Air humidity 40–60%
Watering By hand
Fertilization HeSi Bloom Complex, also HeSi Phosphor Plus from the 4th week of flowering
Additives/stimulants Nitrozyme, HeSi Boost and Root Complex, Enzyme
Height Approximately 120 cm ( per plant )
Yield 312 grams (total)
Price €7 for 1 seed, €20 for 3, €30 for 5, €55 for 10

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    Lief alles bestens. Die ersten Damen sind draußen.

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    Angenehmes starkes high mit sehr weichem Geschmack

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    Également trop de graines qui ne germent pas

  4. mike d. (Paradise Seeds)

    Great smoke

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    Mint 👌🏻

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    Absolutely professional.

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    Snoop Dog favorite

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