Keylock Tank Top for Ladies

Paradise Keylock is unique amongst our limited edition range of custom designed 100% compact cotton t-shirts (170 gr) from Plazmalab.


Unlike the other designs that reflect individual strains (Belladonna, Durga Mata and Opium), this one is an abstract representation of the world of Paradise Seeds.

Keylock TankTop Plazmalab metro
Keylock Tank Top by Plazmalab

This new design is another one of our exclusive collaborations with Plazmalab, the clothing brand with a reputation for doing things their own way – right down to the hand dipped custom color of these garments. We like them very much, because here at Paradise Seeds, we too celebrate the art of doing things our own way!

So we asked the Plazmalab design team to come up with a new concept that characterized the best of the Paradise Seeds brand that thought ‘outside of the box’. The very talented designer Ros Plazma, one of the artistic scientists from their design department has delivered his vision!

Keylock combines many elements from the world of Paradise Seeds, which is fitting because it features Planet Paradise and the hand which gives life, in the form of seeds and new growth. For those who know our company from way back, there will be the nod of recognition at the names of the various strains written in and around the design. Both design and fabric are textured, delivering a rough (but tough!) finish that makes this particular design stands out in this collaboration range.

Female Paradise Keylock t-shirt details:
Color: Melange
Style: Plain cut T-shirt (textured)
Sizes: S/M

The texture may be different, but the stylish features are the same as the other t-shirts and Paradise Keylock will arrive, ready to wear, with custom Paradise Seeds/Plazmalab collar and sleeve labels and an original swing tag that is exclusive to this particular range.

If you are looking for quality garments then Plazmalab is a brand to trust, which is why we are excited to be teaming up with them on this venture. They are an artistic collective of designers and artists, working out of a studio in Tel Aviv. What we love is that everything is done in-house; they source the fabric, style the cut, stitch the garments and print the designs in the same place. This means you get a hand finished product which gives it its own exclusivity.

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