Marshmallow OG

Marshmallow OG: This cross of Jet Fuel Gelato and Chemdog D x Triangle Kush is named for select phenotypes smelling like marshmallows.

Chemdog D x Triangle Kush imparts potency and intense aromas, while Jet Fuel Gelato tames Chemdog D x Triangle Kush’s less organized bud structure into a strong plant that does well in a range of environments.

Marshmallow OG has proven to work well in nearly every grow style including indoor/greenhouse/outdoor. 9 week maturation time.

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4 reviews for Marshmallow OG

  1. Anonymous (Paradise Seeds)

    Great genetic! Terpenes match the caption, the balance between the Triangle Kush, the OG and the JFG is perfect!

  2. Anonymous (Paradise Seeds)

    Une superbe plante à cultiver et un high puissant

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  3. Ferran D. (Paradise Seeds)

    Me llegaron antes de lo previsto aún no las he plantado pero estoy con muchas ganas de hacerlo en cuanto corte las que tengo en indoor las pongo

    Image #1 from Ferran D.
  4. Anonymous (Paradise Seeds)

    The seeds were really small but I didnt pop any yet… so further review later on

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