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cannabis strains that help you with creativity

What cannabis strain is good for creativity?

Are you a creative cannabis type? The folks at have supplied a guest blog which takes a look at the best Paradise Seeds cannabis strains to put the C into creative!

Cannabis is used for various reasons. Some take it to rest and relax. Others need it as a medicine. It is noted that a number of hemp varieties are favorable for creative thinking. If you are curious about the cannabis strains with which creators lure muses then read on.

Although Sativa and Haze varieties are often primarily associated with creative thinking, many musicians and artists love the quick effect of consuming another member of the cannabis family: Indica. How to achieve it? For example, you can select a hybrid variety, where a good-quality sort of Sativa will be combined with high-quality Indica. As a result, a hybrid is often obtained, which pleasantly relaxes the muscles and has a powerful effect on the brain. Therefore, many should think about choosing the optimal personal dose. There are many online resources where you can find out more about the effects of cannabis, including the team at AskGrowers.

Dutch Dragon

Sativa/Indica (75%/25%); THC: A lot; CBD: Small amount.

Just like all of the sorts in this article, Dutch Dragon is one of the best weed strains for creativity. The effect of this variety is very strong and long. Mostly without paranoia. It gives you powerful energy, creative detonation, and is noted for its enhancement of audio and visual senses.

Dutch Dragon, thanks to African genetics, is best manifested in a warm climate. It grows tall, has small fan leaves and thick, elongated cones. When grown in SOG it is possible to convert to color early, since Dutch Dragon is a fast-growing, vibrant plant with a typical Sativa bush structure. In the grow room, you need to take into account its desire to grow in height and may need to manage its growth.

Rainbow Road

Sativa|Indica (60%|40%); THC 18%-22%; CDB <0.1%

Just like most of Sativa-dominant hybrid strains, Rainbow Road gives you a boost of energy and unveils your creative potential. This strain does not give you that powerful punch you would usually expect from a Sativa weed; instead, it softly and slowly elevates you to the point where you feel good, creative, and relaxed at the same time. The effect definitely feels like going on the Rainbow Road – relaxed, comfy, uplifting, and euphoric. This hybrid strain will surely boost your creative potential and give you some extra energy to get your job done.

Thanks to its potency and Sativa-dominant genetics, the weed from the Rainbow Road cannabis plant is going to make you feel just right, lift you up, and make you feel really comfortable during your high. This cannabis strain does not kick you in the backside pushing you to do something foolish; it just gives you that extra boost you sometimes need to get through the dull day.

Dutch Kush

Sativa|Indica (20%|80%); THC 18%-22%; CDB 0.1%

Dutch Kush is an Indica-dominant weed, and you might think that it will just make you sleepy. Well, this is not the case with this hybrid strain. Instead it gives you that soft, relaxing, and creative high. This is exactly what you might need in the evening when you want to feel that extra creative boost, and do something fun with the increased sensory awareness of the effect. This strain will keep you grounded while leaving you enough energy just in case you want to do something creative while feeling relaxed. A perfect weed for the evening sesh on your own or with some good friends – totally recommended.

Auto Wappa

Indica|Sativa (50%|50%); THC 14-18%; CBD 0.1%

Auto Wappa is a classic hybrid weed you can smoke in the middle of the day just to feel alright. It gives you a perfect combination of both Indica and Sativa effects, which is exactly what mid-day smokers need. This weed is meant to provide you with just the right high so you can keep up with your daily tasks and feel good at the same time.

If you feel bored and out of fresh ideas, using the Auto Wappa cannabis strain might just be the right way to crank up your creativity and get that extra kick of fresh ideas and positive thoughts. This is a perfectly-balanced weed, and it is guaranteed to deliver a quality high at any time. You might want to try this one if you tend to lack that drive in the middle of the day to go through your routine.

Auto Jack

Indica|Sativa (30%|70%); THC 14-18%; CBD 0.01%

Auto Jack is a flaming hot Sativa strain that will give you a boost of energy you might need any time of the day. With a solid onset and a slow and seamless offset, this weed gives you a comfortable and energizing effect that lasts for an hour or even longer and cranks up your creativity. If you need to feel good in the afternoon and get the job done, smoke Auto Jack and feel the burst of creativity that will get you through the day. Sativa-dominant cannabis strains are the best choice for providing you with that energetic kick you need to focus on creative tasks.

L.A. Amnesia

Sativa/Indica (75%/25%); THC 20%-24%; CBD 0.01%

L.A. Amnesia is a high-potency Sativa cannabis strain that will give you energy, an uplifting high and boost your creative potential. This is a perfect strain for when you want to have some fun, create something new, get some ideas, and do your work in a different way. This is a really potent variety, so one for more experienced smokers. LA Amnesia is a great weed for the Sativa cannasseurs who need to fire up a bit more than usual. This is a great weed to smoke whenever you feel the need for a bit of excitement. The creative boost you are going to feel is a great bonus you will get by smoking it.

Mendocino Skunk

Indica|Sativa (60%|40%); THC 20%-24%; CBD 0.01%

Mendocino Skunk is a legendary weed, to say the least, and a great hybrid strain that allows you to feel this amazing combo of relaxing Indica and energizing Sativa. This, of course, does not mean you are about to go on a roller coaster ride, but rather that you are up for a well-rounded trip that is going to deliver on so many levels. You are going to feel a creative boost, relaxation, slight bursts of energy, and generally just feel good! This is the stuff to experience whenever you have a couple of extra hours to relax, think about something positive, and generate some new good ideas.


Of course, one can argue about the popularity of different varieties of cannabis, because someone likes one effect, and another person likes another. You can always choose between Indica or Sativa for creativity. Nevertheless, it is possible to draw conclusions about which variety is suitable for you according to a simple formula: all Indicas favor relaxation of the body, and Sativas cause energetic and psychoactive states.

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