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Gelato weed strain history and 4 super variations to try

What do you know about the Gelato weed strain history? If you love weed then you will be very familiar with the term Gelato.

In recent times it would be fair to say that there has been a Gelato revolution taking place on the cannabis scene and this Californian strain is definitely one of the most popular varieties on the market today.

So if you know the Gelato 33 weed strain (33 is the most well known phenotype in use), you will be most familiar with its creamy sweet flavoring and its powerful but non-drowsy effect.

In fact, for an indica dominant strain, the effect is quite the opposite to what is expected, infused as it is with a euphoric happy energy.

So where did Gelato come from, and how did this Cali weed strain come to dominate the marijuana market, not just in the USA but around the world?

Gelato weed strain history – who created Gelato 33?

  • Gelato has been around since 2014, but it is in the past five years that it has become the titan strain now recognized around the world.
  • The Gelato weed strain history originates from the work of breeders who are synonymous with the Cookie Family collective based.
  • The most well known creator is Mr Sherbinski (aka Mario Guzman) who adopted the ‘Sherbinski’ street name given to one of his earlier creations, Sunset Sherbert.
  • Some accounts of the Gelato weed strain history also refer to the contribution of the notorious Cookies breeder, Jigga, in creating the Gelato strain.
Mr Sherbinski in the world cannabis conference 2023
Gelato weed strain history – Mr Sherbinski

A big reason for Gelato’s success is it’s ‘designer cannabis’ label and its popularization through rap and dance music lyrics .

Gelato pops up on Calvin Harris’ Slide, is the title of songs by Aminé and Young Dolph and is name checked by the likes of Asian Doll and Gucci Mane.

Sherbinski told NowThis News, “I don’t make jeans or jackets, but I use plants in a similar way that designers use some of those other materials”.  The two worlds have combined in the form of the Sherbinskis store which opened in in Los Angeles in 2019.

The latest instalment of the Gelato weed strain history further cements the relationship between weed, accessories and hip hop which reflects the popular cultural zeitgeist.

 What are the Gelato genetics?

Gelato is a potent marijuana strain which is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and a pheno of Thin Mint Cookies.

It is known for its original taste, great looking buds and its narcotic effect without the couchlock. Gelato genetics became associated with the ‘dessert strain’ tag due to its candy-like sweetness and eye catching appearance.

Popular Gelato phenotypes include Gelato 33 (also known as Larry Bird, after the Boston Celtics basketballer who wore the 33 shirt!), Gelato 25 and Gelato 42.

Inevitably Gelato genetics have been integrated into the plans of many cannabis breeders and the strain has spawned many derivatives.

Paradise Seeds has a handful of Gelato based strains which retain the best qualities of the original, but enhance others – such as increased resin, higher resistance, bigger flowers and higher yields.

Paradise Seeds Gelato strains to try:

Gelato weed strain history

Gelato for higher THC levels

Sunset Paradise strain logoSunset Paradise (Gelato)

Paradise Seeds first twist on Gelato genetics brings a luxury scoop of the original with some Dutch engineering to boost yield capability and provide more stability.

Its sweet citrus, lavender and berry notes are accompanied by a long lasting wave of euphoria, followed by happy relaxation.

With THC levels of 24%+, Sunset Paradise is a cup winner which produces an impressive color show in the grow room and produces bigger flowers than the original Gelato.

Gelato crossed with Dutch genetics

Caramba cannabis strain logo

Caramba (Wappa x Gelato 33)

This strain is the meeting of two great strains – California’s most popular flavorful strain and a Dutch heavyweight with a reputation for stability and big yields.

The Wappa genes in Caramba also bring proven resistance qualities.

The mix is complementary – while Gelato’s sweetness and euphoric ascent are well known characteristics, Paradise’s Wappa is known for its uplifting, sociable effect and sweet skunky notes.

The two enhance and reinforce each other in this plant, which clocks THC levels of 24%+.

Indica leaning Gelato 33 hybrid

Glowstarz weed strain logo

Glowstarz  (San Fernando Valley Kush x Gelato 33)

A plant which brings together two Californian big beasts. Glowstarz is renowned for tis luminous trichome trail.

The description refers to this as being a ‘fun’ plant, and many growers have confirmed this to be true in its robust grow room performance and the uplifting heady effect which is accompanied by a warm body glow.  Sweet and minty with hints of fuel and tropical flavors and THC levels of 22%.

Purple exotic Gelato 33 cross with bigger yields

Gulupa cannabis strain logo

Gulupa (Purple Kush x Gelato 33)

Gulupa is an exotic strain which stands out with its intense purple coloring and complex terpene profile.

The Gelato sweetness and hashy base is in evidence, but the flavor is far more nuanced with its layers of passion fruit freshness, citrus, berries and hints of spice and mint.

Growers will also appreciate the bigger buds produced by Gulupa, especially those who have knowledge of the lower yielding parents.


The Gelato 33 strain is definitely the celebrity strain of its day and its influence can be felt not only in the world of weed cultivation, but beyond!

It has become something of a popular culture item through its association with music, rappers and modern day culture’s desire for designer brands. It also tastes so damn good!….

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